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Basic 8.4.2

VIP™ 4.03


Script-IV™ 8.4.2 Release Notes

Software Enhancements

1. The Script-IV Skeleton files have been moved from IDDBD to the Source-IV™ Library OO0.


Software Changes

1. A problem has been fixed in INPUT SCREEN where a pre-process CONNECT specified on a developer Function Key (F1, F11, etc.) will execute and immediatly afterwards the developer function will execute based on certain Return Directives.
     4GLE SCRN 0144

2. A problem has been corrected in INPUT SCREEN where occurs data is not being processed properly when doing a Post-Process CONNECT METHOD.
     4GLE SCRN 0148

3. A problem has been fixed in INPUT SCREEN where the GOTO FIELD return directive is now processed after a LOOKUP VIEW is defined on a field.
     4GLE SCRN 0149

4. An Error 47 has been corrected when doing READ link-name USING SORT n LAST. This error occurred when nested inside of another READ USING KEY SORT n RANGE ALL directive.
     4GLE SRPT 0308, 4GLE SRPT 0309

5. A problem has been fixed when using the COPY TEXT directive on a format that has multiple text fields with different text widths. Attempting to copy one of these text fields to another link would cause the wrong text width to be calculated. Also, if an invalid Text ID is specified in the 'TO' Link, no text records will be copied.
     4GLE TEXT 0045


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