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Windows & NT Basic
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Thoroughbred Basic
8.5.1 Release Notes

Software Enhancements

General [up]

  1. 3GL Trigger feature added. For more information see the Thoroughbred Basic Developer Guide.
  2. Added automatic journal stop feature to PRM Journaling configuration. See the DataSafeGuard Reference Manual for more information.
  3. Added OPT="APPEND" for writing to the end of files opened with OPT="TEXT."
  4. Added DATA-FILE=, SORT-FILE= and TEXT-FILE= to OPT= options on OPEN directive. For use with DLINK option to specify file names.
  5. Added environment variable IPLPRM=N to ignore Glogal IPLPRM if needed.
  6. Added INF(3,4) which returns Basic's process number in a 4-byte binary string.
  7. Added a 6-byte binary field for the size in bytes of large files to XFD() option 0 at position 72.
  8. Added a 6-byte binary field for the size in bytes of large files to FST() both options at position 55.
  9. Removed the unconditional masking to 7-bit characters by the CVT() function. This behavior can be restored by using PRM CVTSTRIP.
  10. Added PRM UNIQUE-KEYS for use with Oracle and MS-SQL DataServers.
  11. Added CVTSTRIP and UNIQUE-KEYS to SET PRM, the PRM task variable and the output of DUMP IPLPRMS.
  12. Change to Security requires new algorithm for Activation Keys.
  13. Change to Security requires Activation of upgrades from 8.5.0 to 8.5.1.
  14. Comments beginning with # in position 1 are allowed in SERVER.MAP file. Lines that do not contain a colon are considered comments.
  15. Change to the Console Mode statement editor. When an EDIT lineno is entered near the bottom of the screen, the screen will be scrolled if necessary instead of being cleared.

Windows and NT Basic  [up]

  1. Added "Smart Cut and Paste."
  2. Added PRM SOCKETPOLLRATE=Numeric. This PRM only affects Telnet connections to the Windows Basic. The value supplied adjusts the rate that Basic checks the connection for an ESC or CTL/B entered by the user. By default the connection is checked after every 1000th Directive is executed. During development it may be desirable to use a lower number so that an ESC is recognized immediately. Performance can be improved significantly by using higher values, but with a corresponding loss of sensitivity to ESC and CTL/B.
  3. Mouse processing included. The following settings may be included in the [MOUSE] section of TSI.INI:

    The Right Mouse Button generates a Hot Key if active. The following control key values are recognized:
    	     <Fx>   1-9    Function Keys
    	     <Fxx> 01-39   Function Keys
    	     <CR>    0     Return
    	     <RA>   -1     Right Arrow 
    	     <LA>   -2     Left Arrow 
    	     <DA>   -3     Down Arrow 
    	     <UA>   -4     Up Arrow 
    	     <CD>   -6     Character Delete 
    	     <CI>   -7     Character Insert 
    	     <LI>   -8     Line Insert 
    	     <LD>   -9     Line Delete 
    	     <TR>  -12     Tab Right
    	     <TL>  -13     Tab Left
    	     <HM>  -14     Home 
    	     <PD>  -16     Page Down 
    	     <PU>  -17     Page Up 
    	     <SD>  -18     Screen Down 
    	     <SU>  -19     Screen Up 
    	     <BD>  -20     Boundry Down 
    	     <BU>  -21     Boundry Up

    Programs may use "MB" and "ME" mnemonics to Begin or End mouse processing. The following definitions must be included in the WINNTCON Terminal Table:
    	     39 MB 00 0 0 0 $1B4703
    	     39 ME 00 0 0 0 $1B4702

    The TBREDCOM Table must include the following:
    	     39 MB 00 0 0 0 KE[?37h
    	     39 ME 00 0 0 0 KE[?37l

Web Basic [up]

  1. A Task-ID may be specified on the command line.
  2. Latest improvements to communications logic are included.

Telnet Basic [up]

  1. SYSTEM directive is allowed. This directive should only be used with commands that do not produce output on the system console.

PVIEW [up]

  1. Size of display window has been expanded.
  2. Counts of active servers and active clients added.


General [up]

  1. Fix for multiple Date formats when talking to an Oracle or SQL Server.
  2. Fix for ERR=30 in WEND when used in programs larger than 64K.
  3. Allow daylight savings time arguments on CNF records to be reversed for countries south of the Equator where the end date is before the start date.
  4. Fixed an ERR=-1 when using OPT="DLINK" from a Ghost Task.
  5. Changes to screen driver required by Windows CE and TbredComm.
  6. Improvements to Socket I/O and error handling in the WEB Server.
  7. A memory corruption problem when using Console Mode DELETE to edit public programs has been corrected.
  8. Basic clients would crash on startup if IDDBD was accessed through a Network DataServer using DEV lines specifying the subdirectory feature on the server. This has been corrected.
  9. An ERR=17 with OPT="DLINK" when no SORTS are specified in the LINK has been corrected.
  10. Maintenance of secondary keys using OPT="DLINK" now works correctly with numeric fields larger then 9 digits.
  11. Fixed an incorrect ERR=11 with OPT=DLINK.

UNIX [up]

  1. Fixed a problem with SYSTEM when used in a Ghost Task by opening UNIX standard channels to /dev/null.
  2. Change to Security prevents deactivation caused by Operating System Updates.
  3. Error 66 is issued if Transaction Processing is attempted while Journaling is active.

Windows and NT Basic  [up]

  1. Change to DEV lines for serial ports allows COM ports up to COM255 and absolute port names.
  2. Calculation of the size of the COPY buffer is now correct when the copied text starts beyond position 1 and wraps to the next line.
  3. Modification to remove an extra blank page when using the Windows Spooler and DEV printer type 3.
  4. The delay starting Basic that allows support to read the user count was being done even when PRM NOBANNER was present. The delay in this case has been removed.
  5. A blank character is now allowed in Path and File names.

Web Basic [up]

  1. Fixed INF(3,0) and INF(3,1).
  2. Return correct error when buffer is overflowed.

UNIX DataServers [up]

  1. Global IPLPRM in /usr/lib/basic is processed.
  2. Fixed server crash when an OPEN with OPT="DLINK" is followed by an OPEN for the SORT file specified in the LINK.
  3. Fixed client crash when OPT="DLINK" processing would return a very large record after a WRITE or REMOVE directive.