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This page covers: VIP for Dictionary-IV®, TbredComm™, TS ReportServer™, TS ChartServer™, Gateway for Windows™.


VIP for Dictionary-IV

  1. VIP Prompt Buttons. At run time, VIP prompt messages can be displayed as buttons in the Status Bar.

    A set of control key characters defines the start of the button. The end of the button is defined when another set of control keys is matched or the end of the prompt text is encountered. Any text leading up to the first set of control keys will be displayed as plain text.

    Example: Assume the Mouse Control Key(s) are defined as "<>". Assume a prompt message "Item Code Options: <F1> Report <F2> View". The text "Item Code Options:" would appear as plain text in the status bar with "<F1> Report" as a button and "<F2> View" as a button in the status bar. Clicking on <F1> Report will return CTL=1 to the host and clicking on <F2> View will return CTL=2 to the host.

    This option is enabled or disabled by from the WorkStation Manager VIP tab option. Please see 871 WorkStation Manager manual, Mouse Controls section for more information on control keys.

  2. VIP Status Bar Font. The status bar font can now be set from the WorkStation Manager Screens, Menus and Help Fonts tab.
  3. VIP Relative Toolbar Position. Provides control over the position of the Toolbar relative to the Status Bar when both are displayed at the top or bottom of the main VIP window. This option is set from the WorkStation Manager VIP tab.
  4. VIP Hold Object Focus. When this option is enabled the user will not be able to click on any other VIP object except for the Toolbar, Status Bar and messages. This guarantees that the current VIP object will always be on top.
  5. VIP Help. Resize help windows are now saved on the client.
  6. VIP Views. All numeric fields will now be right aligned.

TS ReportServer

  1. TS ReportServer Close All. If multiple reports are opened when a report is closed or the option to “Save” the report now includes a “No to All” option. This will close the current report without saving and will not prompt to save when closing other report windows. This eliminates the need to respond “N” for each opened report.


  1. TbredComm AutoLogons/Connect - TCP/IP Host. A checkbox identifying the host as a Windows O/S has been added. When checked and connecting to a telnet Basic using TbredComm, the domain user name will be sent to the telnet Basic, populating INF(3,2) and INF(3,5). This solves the problem identifying a connection where all connections to the telnet Basic used the same account name.


VIP for Dictionary-IV

  1. Reference: VIP View Prompts VIP4 VIEW 0152
    A problem where View prompts would disappear and reappear when the View is defined with a full row cursor has been corrected.
  2. Reference: VIP Views VIP4 VIEW 0137
    A problem where resizing columns in a View as not saved on a client has been corrected.
  3. Reference: VIP VIP4 MISC 0282
    A problem where selecting "Release" from the OWS debugger would create a focus issue making VIP appear to hang has been corrected.
  4. Reference: VIP Screens VIP4 SCRN 0216
    A problem where special screen colors was not working has been corrected.
  5. Reference: VIP Menus VIP4 MENU 0148
    A problem where the last change date and time was not being calculated correclty for menus has been correct. This would result in menus falling out of sync on the client.
  6. Reference: VIP Message Pool VIP4 INST 0013
    A problem where after installing VIP the "Message pool not fully integrated" would be displayed one time has been corrected.
  7. Reference: VIP Messages
    A problem where Input messages sometimes contained 'garbage' characters in the input field has been corrected.
  8. Reference: VIP Messages
    A problem where Input messages would not accept a lower case ’y’ has been corrected.
  9. Reference: VIP Messages
    A problem where stacked messages were not being cleared properly has been corrected. In some cases, when displaying multiple messages on top of each other, part of a previously displayed message was still visible.

TS ReportServer

  1. Reference: TS ReportServer RPSV MISC 0120
    A problem where the last page when printing a range of pages was not being honored has been corrected.
  2. Reference: TS ReportServer RPSV MISC 0101
    A problem where the TS ReportServer device was included in the available printer list when the host was not Windows and the terminal table name did not start with "TBRED" has been corrected.
  3. Reference: TS ReportServer VIP4 RPSV 0027
    An ERR=0 in IRUBT0 when calling 8OPENP to open TS ReportServer then calling OOR with PT$[6]="CH" + TS ReportServer channel has been corrected.


  1. Reference: TbredComm
    A problem where TbredComm could hang when an invalid passphrase to a public key in an AutoLogon has been corrected.