Thoroughbred Basic™Thoroughbred Basic™

Note: For Dictionary-IV® Release Notes, refer to the OPENworkshop® link.



  1. RW mnemonic, Reset Window size, for terminals using Thoroughbred Basic Windows. Updates #IDSV’s TTY column and row values. Unix/Linux only.
  2. When using T-Connect, automatically resize and refresh the Basic window after the browser’s window sized has changed.
  3. PRM SQL_WAIT_TIMEOUT added to override MySQL’s wait_timeout setting for the Basic’s session to prevent an ERR=150 when the MySQL server has gone away, error 2006. (DATY MISC 0007)
  4. OPEN(,OPT=”NOFIRST”) disables the use of OPTION FAST(1) in SQL statements generated by TS DataServer for MS SQL Server and the use of FIRST_ROWS(1) hint in SQL statements generated by TS DataServer for Oracle. (DATS MISC 0023)
  5. Support for OpenSSL 1.1. This will be the default for Linux kernel 4 and 5 ports.
  6. Added PRM NEWDATE7 to allow date type 7 to skip $8A$. Year 2036 is stored as $89$, year 2037 is stored as $8B$, etc.
  7. Added console mode @V shortcut for DUMP VERSION.
  8. Added OPT="TEXT|FSEP=" to OPEN for processing records containing text fields. The FSEP value
    may be a single character (no quotes) or a binary character value $XX$. Patterned after the
    MIME specification for CSV files. The "TEXT|" is required. Works for READ and WRITE.
  9. Base-64 encoding and decoding of strings added to TFF() via options “BE” and “BD”.
  10. ISO-8859-1 accented character encoding and decoding added to TFF() as options “AE” and “AD”. See documentation for additions and exceptions. (BSCA 881 0010)

Windows Only

  1. Added window_hidden option to the TSI.ini file to override Basic’s showState setting the registry. (BSCW 0001)
  2. Added use_showstate option to the TSI.ini file to override the 8.8.0 change to always show the Basic window on startup. (BSCW 0002)
  3. Added count_by_session option to the TSI.ini file to count TS Network DataServer connections by Basic session, not by workstation. Network Basic is limited to 3 sessions per workstation.



  1. Corrected a User count problem with connections to the TS Network DataServer caused by the disable DDE initialization change.
  2. Corrected a problem with OPEN(,OPT=”SHELL”) leaving defunct processes when the process number exceeds 65535. (BSCU SHEL 0007)
  3. Problems updating a row where the primary key in a SQL table changed has been resolved. (BSCA 882 0005)
  4. A problem connecting to a local TS Network DataServer where Basic generates an error that the TERMINAL file cannot be opened has been resolved.
  5. Increased the initial size of Basic’s task buffer to prevent a segmentation fault when printing via T-Connect.
  6. DCHECK fixes for truncation of numbers greater than 4GB.
  7. Corrected a problem where trailing zeros were dropped from string decimals (BSCA 881 0016).
  8. Corrected a problem where OPT=”DEFAULT” was lost if Format was already INCLUDED (BSCA 882 0001).
  9. Corrected a TFF() XML output problem with leading spaces in numeric fields. (BSCA 882 0003)
  10. Corrected a continuous ERROR=1 (EOR) problem with server sockets doing a read after a client has disconnected. An ERROR=2 (EOF) is now issued and the socket is closed. (BSCU SOCK 0002)