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About Thoroughbred

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Thoroughbred® Software International, Inc. has been providing mission critical business solutions for developers and end-users since 1982. Customers want to capitalize on past achievements. As such, we provide software solutions that allow evolution, not revolution. Maintaining a software application's competitive edge means adopting new technologies compatible with an existing software platform.

Thoroughbred's family of software products are designed to provide the evolutionary path needed to adopt new technologies quickly. We provide a path for software developers who support non Thoroughbred-based solutions to communicate for a total solution.

Our Object-Oriented OPENworkshop® and Web-Based Environment Products enable developers to design applications in a structured environment with normalized databases compatible with today's standards, requirements and connectivity. Our Disaster Recovery and Internet application tools provide flexibility for the developer and end-user in building systems that fit their requirements.

Our software is designed to be "Open". You can use UNIX, Linux, Windows or Apple OSX operating systems. Your applications will run without program modifications. Workstations support graphical, character and browser-based clients including our TbredComm™. Internet processing technologies are also supported

Security and disaster recovery are supported by DataSafeGuard™. Access to ODBC compliant databases, Oracle, XML, MS SQL and MySQL is supported with our DataServers and APIs.

Over 300,000 Thoroughbred systems have been installed world-wide. and are used in a variety of mission critical business applications including: reprographics, municipalities, sports enterprises, distribution, transportation, construction, property management, manufacturing, hotel and restaurant management, medical, general accounting, payroll, manufacturing, government and more.