Policy & ProceduresPolicy & Procedures

Software Licenses

Every installation of Thoroughbred software requires a supporting license. Our software license allows our business partners to develop applications based on Thoroughbred software development products and pass them onward.

License Protection

We operate a system of security-coded activation keys in order to protect against unlicensed operation of our software. You can take advantage of this feature in your own applications protecting them as well. We ship our products with a 30 day temporary key to allow time for installation and approval. On expiration, the software will operate in a limited capacity. Prior to expiration, you should obtain a unique activation key from Thoroughbred.

Activation keys can be obtained directly over the internet, or this web site (www.tbred.com) or by calling Thoroughbred.

Value Added Reseller Terms

As a Value Added Reseller, a discount structure is agreed upon. You are entitled to the discounts described in that structure on purchases of Thoroughbred software that you make. There are no minimum purchase or volume commitments that you must make.

Software Maintenance Programs

Our Maintenance Program assures that customers gain the maximum benefit from their Thoroughbred products. The program is provided on an annual basis and features enhancement upgrades to new releases and maintenance updates to current releases. For further information and a complete program guide please call your Thoroughbred Sales Representative.

The major features of the maintenance program are as follows:

  • Enhancement Upgrades to New Releases
    Enhancement upgrades provide customers with feature enhancements which have been introduced into each product. Thoroughbred typically issues one major enhancement upgrade release per year. This is provided to customers enrolled in the software maintenance program for a small shipping and handling charge.
  • Maintenance Updates to Current Releases (Fixes to Reported Problems)
    Maintenance updates are a cumulative set of software corrections which have had the benefit of a controlled field test to insure stability. Typically, Thoroughbred has one or two update releases per year.

Trade-in Policy

Thoroughbred offers a trade-in value against your currently installed products. The trade-in allowance is determined or based on the length of time that the software has been installed and is calculated as a percentage of the current list price of the product at the time of trade-in.

Thoroughbred also offers this trade-in policy to customers that are moving from another Business BASIC software environment (i.e. BBX and MAI) to a Thoroughbred Environment.

Time Product Installed Trade-In Value
Up to 6 months 90%
Up to 1 year 75%
Up to 2 years 50%
Up to 3 years 40%
Up to 4 years 20%
Up to 5 years 10%
Over 5 years No Trade-in Value

The trade-in price can be calculated using the following formula:

Trade-In Price =
(New Product List Price - (Current Product List Price * Trade-In Value%))* (100-Discount%)

When trading in software you will need the serial number(s) of the currently installed version.

Note: Only valid when moving to the same or greater amount of tasks. Please contact your Thoroughbred Sales Representative for details.

Ordering Thoroughbred Products

The following information assists in ordering Thoroughbred Products. Please familiarize yourself with the information required to place an order. This will help Thoroughbred to expedite your requests. Please also inform your Thoroughbred Sales Representative of payment method and ship to address, along with any other pertinent information.

For Thoroughbred and Solution-IV Accounting Product
Contact: Sales
Telephone (toll free in the US): 800-524-0430
Telephone (outside): 732-560-1377
Fax: 732-560-1594

For Solution-IV Reprographics Product
Contact: Mark Lewis, VP Sales and Marketing
Telephone (toll free in the US): 800-988-3536 or 800-524-0430
Telephone (outside): 936-756-7202

For Consulting Services
Contact: Kevin Koskela, VP of Applications & Services
Telephone (toll free in the US): 800-524-0430 x4253

For International Products
Contact: Kathy Kennedy
Telephone: +1 732-560-1377

Select the Operating System and Hardware Platform

Thoroughbred products are continuously ported and tested with the latest operating systems being shipped by hardware manufacturers. Occasionally, to ensure compatibility with the newest releases, it is possible that the most recent versions of Thoroughbred may not work with a version of a specific operating system.

To select the correct platform, you need to identify the specific CPU and the version of the manufacturer's operating system.

To accurately determine this information, refer to the label on the installation media of your operating system or execute the UNIX command (uname -a) at the system prompt. For additional information, refer to your UNIX OS manual or type (man uname) at the prompt for the on-line manual.

Choose the number of tasks

Choose the number of tasks required for your installation and refer to the specific platform price schedule for the task boundaries of that product.

Select the latest version of Thoroughbred

To ensure that our customers take advantage of the latest features Thoroughbred incorporates into its software, every effort should be made to remain at Thoroughbred's current release level.

Media format

Standard media format is CD.