Thoroughbred® Annual Maintenance ProgramThoroughbred® Annual Maintenance Program

Thoroughbred Annual Maintenance Program Features and Benefits

All Thoroughbred products can be covered by our Annual Maintenance Program. Periodically Thoroughbred provides updated software that includes enhancements, new features, support for new operating systems, error corrections and performance increases. As a subscriber to Thoroughbred’s Annual Maintenance Program you are eligible for the updates when they are made available for a small media charge.

Developers and Thoroughbred End-Users can take advantage of new product release features and technology that didn’t exist before, including Web technologies. Upgrading from the Thoroughbred Environment to OPENworkshop, XML or T-WEB can be a significant cost savings if the product is covered by the Thoroughbred Annual Maintenance Program. Products including DataSafeGuard, the XML DataServer and Solution-IV applications will require the latest release of Thoroughbred Products to operate correctly.

Thoroughbred Products not on the Annual Maintenance Program will be assessed a Trade-In Value to determine the upgrade cost based on the purchase date of the product, see the chart below:

Trade-in and Discount Value % List Price
Purchase Date:  
    Up to 6 months 90%
    Up to 1 year 75%
    Up to 2 years 50%
    Up to 3 years 40%
    Up to 4 years 20%
    Up to 5 years 10%
    Over 5 years No Trade-in Value

Also covered by the Annual Maintenance Program are Environment and user-level upgrades with a guaranteed 90% trade in value.

Features and Benefits of the Thoroughbred Maintenance Program:

  • No Charge Version level upgrades
  • Guaranteed Trade-In value of 90% for environment upgrades, user level upgrades and Operating System Upgrades
  • Service fees waived for re-Activations

With hardware and operating system manufacturers making significant changes for new product releases in shorter periods of time you can protect the investment in your system, its usability and upgradability by subscribing to Thoroughbred’s Annual Maintenance Program.