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Change Control System

Change control is an important element for development to production of critical software changes and updates. Keep track of the Who, What, Where, When and Why changes were made to the system, and alerting for any unauthorized changes.

Manage and Track your Software Updates

Thoroughbred’s InProd system manages the deployment of Business Objects from Development to Test to Production. It identifies related Business Objects to insure application change is complete. The Archive module maintains a history of changes for all objects maintained in Thoroughbred Dictionary-IV™ and Source-IV™ including Programs and Methods. InProd allows you to track changes made to objects by user, system, date and specific changes. When an object is promoted to Production, all related objects and source are also included. Source is remotely compiled on the target system. If necessary, an application change can be un-done or rolled back to a previous state. Automatic audits identify unauthorized changes to your application Production server. Reporting will satisfy all your SOX audit requirements. .

Scheduled and Emergency Control

Your IT Admin will have access to the status of all InProds, from Pending to Completed, and even Reversed. Every InProd entry will includes a list Business Objects that need to be moved from one environment to another. Each entry will include who submitted, who approved, and who performed the InProd. They are also identified as Scheduled (normal maintenance of business) or Emergency. A control number can also be maintained to link InProd entries to a support or project/task database.

Reports, Views and Alerts

The InProd database provides reports and views to help you get control of what is deployed on your Production Server. You can search by object names, date time, control ticket number, and users (submitted, approved, and performed). You’ll also have compares between systems identifying conflicts where objects are different. The Archive module allows you to track and manage the Who/What/Where/When/Why as Objects are changed. Changes to your production server that do not originate with the InProd system, will trigger a daily email alert that unauthorized changes have occurred.


  1. Sample data collected for an InProd
    Systems (Q-QA, P-Production)
    who submitted request (date/time); who performed the InProd
    Change/Control/ticket number

  2. InProd Menu

  3. Additional menu options

  4. Object compare between systems - Development/Test/Production

  5. Sample of Unauthorized Modification notice