Report-IV is part of a family of tools for retrieving your data.

Report-IV is for the more sophisticated user with programming experience and provides the power to create complex customer reports with complex formats.

Complex Reports

Report-IV allows you to build efficient, complex reports using non-procedural constructs. You can select any group of records, sort and process as needed, calculate any total and print results using such features as page breaks, heading, footings, special character styles, bold face and underscoring.

Reports can be directed to a printer, screen or a disk. On-screen horizontal and vertical scrolling facilities and screen painting features allow you to produce effective layouts.

Retrieve Dictionary-IV™ Data

Report-IV can retrieve and Dictionary-IV™ defined data. other features include the ability to select records and sort and calculate subtotals. Report appearance can be controlled and directed to a printer, screen or file.

The image below presents the Report-IV Setup Program and Resulting Report.

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