Report-IV™ to PDFReport-IV™ to PDF

Report-IV to PDF saves your Thoroughbred® reports as .pdf files. PDF has been established as an industry standard used by many businesses today because it is readable and printable on almost all workstations. The compact size is great when sending multi-page documents.


Report-IV has always allowed you to print your reports to a printer. With Report-IV to PDF:

  • You can print, e-mail, save or fax your reports as a PDF file, and
  • You can save a background page as a PDF file and merge it with Report-IV data for printing, e-mailing or faxing.
  • You can convert 3GL report output from a text file to a PDF file using the Report-IV to PDF 3GL wrapper.

Using Report-IV to PDF

At installation time you can set your default preferences. (If at runtime you don’t want to use your default settings they are easily overwritten). Below is an example of the Settings and Options screen.

Settings and Options Screen example

To override one or more of the default settings at run time, include the global format and set the global data-elements to the desired value prior to executing a CONNECT REPORT:

#OOFPDF1.SUBJECT = "Monthly Sales Analysis",
#OOFPDF1.BODY = "Please see the attached pdf file for the current Monthly Sales Report",
CONNECT REPORT report_name

Save a Background Page to Populate with Data

Another feature of Report-IV to PDF is the ability to select a .pdf background page or form, which was previously scanned or created independently, and populate it with your data. You can create forms such as an invoice or statement with images and in color.

Below is an example of a customer invoice using a background page.

Invoice Form example

The default background page can be defined in the Settings and Options screen or set at runtime in your application code.

LET #OOFPDF1.BACKPG="BackgroundLogo.pdf",

The above example uses the BackgroundLogo.pdf file as the background page and sets the left margin to .40 and font size to 11.

Do it now!

Make great looking reports and forms quickly and easily with Thoroughbred’s Report-IV to PDF and turn reports like this...

Report-IV Customer List example

...into reports like this.

Report-IV to PDF Customer List example

Report-IV to PDF can do this for you!