Thoroughbred® Real-Time Database SolutionsThoroughbred® Real-Time Database Solutions

Simultaneous Write

Write data simultaneously to the Thoroughbred Database and Oracle, MS SQL Server or MySQL databases. Utilizing the powerful journaling capabilities originally developed for DataSafeGuard, Thoroughbred’s transaction Back-Up and Disaster Recovery system, data can now be written simultaneously to Thoroughbred databases and other popular databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL.

Process Updated Data Only

Only updated data is processed, minimizing any performance degradation of system. The system includes the transaction journaling playback component of DataSafeGuard, the appropriate database interface for either Oracle, MS SQL Server or MySQL, and the Thoroughbred database Server for the target database.

A Must for Companies with Multiple Databases

Thoroughbred’s synchronized database solution is a must for companies that maintain multiple database formats that must be current to perform real-time tasks. Examples are companies with operations and manufacturing data in the Thoroughbred Database, and accounting, dispatching, image storage or data access tools accessing a 3rd party database, requiring real-time database updates.