TbredComm is Thoroughbred's terminal emulator that supports the VIP GUI interface. TbredComm provides TCP/IP communications for local, remote, and Internet communications and processing. TbredComm supports telnet and SSH, where connections can be made using SSH1, SSH2, or SSHAuto. Authentication includes but is not limited to Public Key, SecureID Token, and Password. TbredComm supports any Thoroughbred-based Linux, UNIX and Windows Telnet-based applications.


  • TCP/IP, Modem, Direct and Auto Login connections
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Open File (i.e. imaging)
  • Retains recent up to 100 lines of history
  • Smart Copy and Paste
  • Mouse Aware (Dictionary-IV based applications will support this feature, 3GL coded applications will require some programming. If there are common INPUT routines the modifications can be minimized)
  • Slave printing
  • 132 column screen
  • Complete Thoroughbred Window Color and Font control
  • Telnet sessions supported for UNIX, Linux and Windows Servers
  • Supports SSH
  • Print to Excel
  • Thoroughbred ReportServer Support
  • Multiple Sessions
  • Thoroughbred Workstation Manager for custom features

For more information call your Thoroughbred Account Representative at (800) 524-0430.

TbredComm is seamlessly interfaced with all Thoroughbred applications, and is a supported terminal definition in the Thoroughbred environment. Thoroughbred's VIP Graphical User Interface is completely supported by TbredComm providing a performance oriented GUI terminal interface for local or remote use.

The TbredComm screen can be sized to a full screen with font control, and supports Dictionary-IV™ color settings.

By supporting TCP/IP, TbredComm can connect to Thoroughbred servers over the Internet, providing inexpensive, remote, high-speed access to Thoroughbred applications and data.

TbredComm, Thoroughbred's Terminal Emulator supports your communications requirements!

TbredComm character graphic

TbredComm GUI