T-Connect is Thoroughbred's Web Browser based Terminal Emulator. It is a server-side product with no footprint on the client workstation. It is supported by most popular, industry standard browsers. Browser connections can be either http or https. T-Connect logins use SSH. T-Connect is seamlessly interfaced with all Thoroughbred applications operating with Version 8.8.3 Environments and is a supported terminal definition in the Thoroughbred Environment.


  • Browser-based terminal emulation
  • Thoroughbred Window Color support
  • Larger than 80x24 display based on size of the browswer window
  • Supports copy/paste and smart copy/paste
  • Mouse Aware (built into Dictionary-IV based applications)
  • Slave printing automatically converted to PDF
  • ReportServer automatically converted to PDF
  • View/Report to Excel
  • File downloads to the browser
  • Multiple sessions using browser tabs

Ideal for cloud, datacenter, and locally hosted. Ground work laid for tablets and smart phones.

TbredComm GUI

Examples of Wide Screen Presentation