T-RemoteControl allows you to connect to any Thoroughbred Environment/Basic session. You'll be able to see exactly what the user sees and take control of the keyboard. T-RemoteControl can be used for diagnostics, support, demos and training. One unique feature is the ability to connect to a background task where a terminal/screen is not present.

Total Remote Terminal Control

T-RemoteControl is server-based; eliminating many of the connectivity issues found with some workstation-based terminal control products. You execute T-RemoteControl on the same server as the user you want to attach to. Immediately you can see what the user sees as well as being able to take over the keyboard. Once you have control of the keyboard, you can provide remote training, remote demos and most important - remote support. Often, support has become a version of the game 20 questions. With T-RemoteControl, you can quickly connect to user processes take over the keyboard get the answers you need immediately to properly diagnose the problem.

Background Tasks Supported

Have you ever needed to see a background task while it is operating? T-RemoteControl can attach to any Basic that is running including the background tasks. This feature can eliminate many debugging operations normally required to troubleshoot these programs.


  • Access and control Thoroughbred user sessions and keyboard.
  • View background tasks for troubleshooting.
  • Supports all Basic TCONFIGW terminal tables.
  • Supports any UNIX/Linux that Thoroughbred supports.
  • Maximizes system uptime by reducing support response and resolution times.
  • Reduces on-site time by running and monitoring lengthy programs remotely.

T-RemoteControl for UNIX/Linux allows you to remotely control any UNIX/Linux Basic session.

More Features Include

  • Remote Control – from remote location connect to any user's Basic session.
  • Keyboard Control – the T-RemoteControl user has complete keyboard access to the remote Basic session.
  • Dissimilar Terminal Types – Basic users and the T-RemoteControl remote users can use different terminal emulations; this is controlled using Basic TCONFIGW entries.

It's This Easy

  1. Connect to the selected UNIX/Linux computer using the appropriate protocol (telnet, ssh, etc.);
  2. Run T-RemoteControl on the selected computer;
  3. Select the user's session you want to connect to.

You'll now see everything they see and you'll have control of the keyboard.


  1. A user has a problem and contacts Support.

  2. Support connects to the computer using telnet (ssh, etc.) and then runs tsremote and selects the user they want to connect to;

  3. Support views the same data as the user (compare screen below with graphic #1 above).

What Makes T-RemoteControl Stand Ahead of the Others?

A very unique and distinguishing feature of T-RemoteControl (NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY OTHER REMOTE TERMINAL CONTROL PRODUCT) is the ability to connect to background Basic processes. Imagine being able to connect to a background task that has no tty/terminal device and see what that task is doing! With T-RemoteControl, you can break into the background task, address any problems and allow the background task to continue processing.


Stop wasting time traveling to the user's system. Instead, use T-RemoteControl for UNIX/Linux to access your remote sites from the comfort of your office. You can access user Basic sessions from a remote location.

  1. Solve support problems in real-time.
  2. Improve troubleshooting analysis and support responses.
  3. Train users remotely.
  4. Demonstrate new application features.

One look can answer one thousand questions!
Save time and money with T-RemoteControl.