TS ODBC DataServer™ (Read or Read/Write)TS ODBC DataServer™ (Read or Read/Write)

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Read or Read/Write Versions
Imagine having the capability to easily access read and write to your Thoroughbred data from any Windows or Linux based ODBC-enabled application. TS ODBC DataServer supports applications including Spreadsheets, Report Writers, Word Processors, Database programs and more. A part of Thoroughbred's three-tier software architecture, TS ODBC DataServer provides you with instant access to your data the way you want to see it.

The Impact of Your Data

Thoroughbred's TS ODBC DataServer provides you with the capability to access read or write data from/to any Thoroughbred file with any Windows or Linux based ODBC enabled applications. Spreadsheets including Microsoft Excel; word processors like Microsoft Word, and report writers such as Crystal Reports can now have access your Thoroughbred data quickly, easily and seamlessly. Reports take on a whole new meaning with vast new formatting capabilities that can present your data with the impact you desire.

Database Applications

Popular database programs can access Thoroughbred data for use in enterprise wide architectures without losing data integrity. Thoroughbred's TS ODBC DataServer provides for secure read and write transactions by supporting Login, table, row and column security. server and as such, your data is safe and cannot be changed or damaged. Database products including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and many other ODBC-compliant databases can now access interface with your Thoroughbred data.

UNIX/Linux or Windows

Whether your system is a UNIX/Linux host-based environment or Windows Network-based environment, TS ODBC DataServer will work for you. The TS ODBC DataServer software is loaded on the host server and the driver is loaded on the workstation. Any data defined in Thoroughbred's Dictionary-IV™ Link and Format definitions can then be made available or "exposed" to the ODBC-enabled workstation. The selection of Thoroughbred data files for exposure to the ODBC driver is a one time effort and seamless in operation thereafter.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

TS ODBC DataServer gives you the freedom to access, display and manipulate your data with any ODBC-compliant Windows application. Sales projections, forecasts, annual reports, updates and budgets share corporate data. This can be displayed or printed, the way that you want it, without costly custom programming. TS ODBC DataServer gives you the flexibility to manage your data and your business in today's competitive marketplace.

TS ODBC R/W DataServer graphic

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