TS DataServer™ for OracleTS DataServer™ for Oracle

TS DataServer for Oracle provides the ability to read and write ORACLE database tables directly from any Thoroughbred Dictionary-IV™ based application, either locally or across a network.

Integration of vertical applications written in a Thoroughbred Environment with a corporate database using ORACLE is now possible.


The ORACLE database has been a leading database choice for sophisticated corporate computer users. Thoroughbred Dictionary-IV based applications can communicate and integrate with the ORACLE database by using Thoroughbred's TS DataServer for Oracle. Dictionary-IV automatically establishes a link to ORACLE table definitions. Once the link is established, TS DataServer for Oracle enables the Thoroughbred-based application to run seamlessly using the ORACLE database. Thoroughbred-based vertical market applications can now make the connection to corporate ORACLE databases.

Database Independence

TS DataServer for Oracle is for those application environments where connectivity to the ORACLE database is a necessity. From Enterprise-wide corporate environments to single host-based local systems, Thoroughbred applications can now run in a shared database environment using the ORACLE database as the primary data server.

Three Tier Design

The ORACLE table structure is a defined file type in the Dictionary-IV Link definition. Dictionary-IVs three-tier design allows applications written in any Thoroughbred Environment using Dictionary-IV definitions to run seamlessly with the ORACLE database.

Workgroup to Enterprise

TS DataServer for Oracle supports the complete ORACLE product line from the PC-based Workgroup Server to the sophisticated UNIX and Linux-based ORACLE Enterprise system. Thoroughbred applications do not have to be specifically designed to run with ORACLE. Any application based on Thoroughbred's Dictionary-IV can operate with an ORACLE relational database server.

Existing Applications and Solution-IV®

Existing Thoroughbred-based applications as well as Thoroughbred's Solution-IV Financial and Distribution application suite can run with ORACLE. Existing applications using Dictionary-IV can be automatically recompiled, once the Link definition is set to the ORACLE database type, and run with the ORACLE RDBMS. Solution-IV can be setup to run with ORACLE at installation. Existing Solution-IV installations can be easily redefined to run with ORACLE at any time.

Automatic Setup

TS DataServer for Oracle automatically sets up the ORACLE table with the Dictionary-IV Link and Format information.

Local or Remote ORACLE Database Server

TS DataServer for Oracle supports both local and remote ORACLE database servers. The configuration of the ORACLE database is not limited. Thoroughbred has used the ORACLE Call Interface (OCI) to communicate with ORACLE and provide optimum performance and configuration flexibility.


Thoroughbred-based applications employing Dictionary-IV are Client-Server ready, and TS DataServer for Oracle now brings the best of Thoroughbred and ORACLE to your applications.