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Thoroughbred® Releases Basic Version 8.7.0 Products

Today, Thoroughbred Software International, Inc.® announces the new 8.7.0 Release of their Thoroughbred Environments and supporting products. The 8.7.0 Release includes many new enhancements: Microsoft Vista/Server 2008 support, extended XML functions in Basic, performance enhancements for the TS DataServers, other extended features and several new products. T-RemoteControl™ and Gateway for Windows host are now included with the 8.7.0 Environments. New products include T-RemoteControl and new printer capabilities.

Feature highlights of the 8.7.0 release include:

  • Microsoft Vista/Windows 2008 UAC-Compliant Support
  • Custom F8 VIEW Command Menu
  • Enhanced XML functions in Basic
  • Query-IV™/Report-IV™ can output to Excel
  • Full 64-bit OS Support
  • T-RemoteControl support tool
  • Server sockets for Basic
  • Performance enhancements for TS DataServer for MS SQL Server™ and TS ORACLE DataServer™
  • New Date Type 8 storage sizes
  • DLINK for 3rd party databases
  • Gateway for Windows included
  • Report-IV to PDF printer
  • Expanded TS ReportServer™ Save function
  • TS DataServer for MS SQL Server tables now supports Text Fields and Field Separators
  • Eleven new user level boundaries have been added including: 12, 20, 28, 56, 192, 224, 320, 384, 2000, 3000 and 4000 users.

The 8.7.0 Release is an exciting release that provides out of the box solutions and capabilities for both developers and end-users.

For more information on the 8.7.0 release please click here or call your Thoroughbred Representative at 800-524-0430.

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