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Survival from Disasters
Disaster Recovery

The recent Hurricane Ike has highlighted the necessity of having a disaster recovery plan in place. Janco Associates, Inc. has tabulated some interesting statistics regarding disaster recovery in a recent newsletter:
  • 34 percent of companies took more than a day to recover after the hurricane.
  • 10 percent of companies took more than a week.
  • It took many firms up to 48 hours to reconfigure their networks.
  • Many are taking days or weeks to re-enter lost data.
  • 90 percent of companies that have experienced a computer disaster and do not have a survival plan go out of business within 18 months.

Man-made and natural disasters come in all forms including: weather, fire, security breach, malfeasance, earthquake and others. Thoroughbred® DataSafeGuard™ provides a complete backup copy of your system so when disaster strikes you will be able to bring your system back online up to the last good transaction; eliminating costly time and delays in getting your business running again.

DataSafeGuard can be set up in many different configurations supporting remote and hosted backup locations, hot backup systems, replication to other databases like Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE and data warehousing for Analytics generation.

For more information on DataSafeGuard please click here or call your Thoroughbred Representative at (800) 524-0430.

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