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Thoroughbred® Releases Basic Version 8.7.0 Products

Today, Thoroughbred Software International, Inc.® announces the new 8.7.0 Release of the Thoroughbred Environments and supporting products. New enhancements include Microsoft Vista/Server 2008 support, extended XML functions in Basic, performance enhancements for the TS DataServer products and other extended features. Several new products including T-RemoteControl™ Support Tool are included and Gateway for Windows host are included in the Environment. We have also introduced new printing capabilities including Report-IV™ to PDF and print to Excel.

As a user whose system software is running on the Thoroughbred Environment this means that you have additional functionality and performance with 8.7.0.

Feature highlights of the 8.7.0 release mean the following for our users:

  • Vista/Server 2008 UAC-Compliant Support
  • Query-IV™/Report-IV™ can output to Excel meaning you can print Report-IV and Query-IV reports directly to Excel by using a defined system printer like "RE"
  • Custom F8 VIEW Command Menu displays the available options that can be accessed
  • Enhanced XML functions in Basic provide for extended capabilities for developing products that can use the Internet to communicate with your system.
  • Full 64 Bit operating system support enables new advanced hardware and operating systems to run Thoroughbred-based software applications
  • Server sockets for Basic means defined connections to and from Thoroughbred-based software and databases for Web-based and 3rd party software
  • Performance enhancements for TS DataServer for MS SQL Server™ and TS ORACLE DataServer™
  • Gateway for Windows is now included wtih all 8.7.0 environments. Products depending upon GWW no longer require that it be purchased separately
  • Report-IV to PDF printer allows a direct print to a PDF file by a printer name, like "RP"
  • Expanded TS ReportServer Save function
  • TS DataServer for MS SQL Server tables now support Text Fields as well as Field Separators, providing for more transparency between Thoroughbred databases and MS SQL Server
  • Eleven new user level boundaries have been added including: 12, 20, 28, 56, 192, 224, 320, 384, 2000, 3000 and 4000 users, making user count upgrades more convenient and cost effective
  • T-RemoteControl provides the capability for your support group to attach to your machine remotely, to determine and resolve any issue. They will see exactly what you see making remote support much more efficient. T-Remote Control also displays background task information not available with other similar support tools

The 8.7.0 Release is exciting because it provides out of the box solutions and capabilities for both developers and end-users.

For more information on the 8.7.0 release please click here or call your Thoroughbred Representative at 800-524-0430.

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