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Is your data protected? Is your data accessible?

Thoroughbred Software Data Access
and Disaster Recovery Program

Thoroughbred Software has a Disaster Recovery system for your system. Our DataSafeGuard™ keeps a journal backup of the systems database, and makes that data available to you for reports, analytics and disaster recovery.

Each transaction is logged with the Who, What, Where and When of any transaction that changes data in your system. The Transaction Journals can be used to trace transactions and optionally update a second system that can be used as a "hot swap" system should the primary system ever go down. The data will be up-to-date with the last good transaction. The system can also maintain a Data Warehouse where data can be accessed for specialized reports and analytics. We also support a MS SQL Server and/or Oracle database update; i.e. a parallel database update feature.

Why leave your system's security to old-fashioned backup methodologies that may not be working? Have you ever tested the tapes or disk transfers to see if they contain valid data? There is just no good way to do that.

Call Thoroughbred for more information on DataSafeGuard Products and Services that provide real-time Disaster Recovery, Data Access and Solution-IV® Analytics. Click here for additional product information.

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