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Solution-IV® Repro Accounting - an Integrated Solution

Is your Reprographics Accounting System integrated? Or are you like many businesses with two, three, or more systems running your business? Are you using spreadsheets to calculate estimates and orders for customers with multiple discount schedules? Are you updating multiple databases? What do you do if you need to share data? Updating multiple databases can be a nightmare... which one is correct?

If you have multiple systems you need to look at Thoroughbred's Solution-IV. Designed specifically for the Reprographics and Imaging Businesses, Solution-IV is a fully-integrated Accounting and Business Management solution that supports complete accounting, order processing, operations and management options so that you can tailor the system to suit the way you run your business.

Imagine, one database to manage all your data that is located in one place for instant access! No multiple data entry is needed. How much time would that save your staff? How much more efficient would they be?

To schedule a demo of Solution-IV please call us at (800) 988-3536 or click here visit our Website and see our Solution-IV Analytics demo, the Management Information System of the future is here today.

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