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Much more than Estimating

Solution-IV® Estimating does it all.
Estimates, Orders, Quotes all from 1 screen

Last week we sent an e-mail regarding a new Solution-IV module we call Estimating. A quick prompting Estimating service was the original intent. The project expanded well beyond it's original design goal and, with the help of Kevin Anderson of SE Blueprint, became an ideal way to create Orders, Quotes as well as Estimates. So maybe we should call it enhanced Order Processing, but it does more than that.

Orders, Quotes, and Estimates can be developed by almost any employee with very little training. The user interface uses prompting, and is ideal for both color, black and white and other services and jobs requiring single or multiple entry lines. See the easy, prompting user interface with pull down selections below:

Estimate Entry

Estimate Entry graphic

The selections are dynamic depending on the service selected (B&W, Color etc.).

Set-up/Maintenance options and parameters - the various services are pre-defined in the system

Estimate Parameters graphic

Orders, Quotes, or Estimates are generated

Orders, Quotes or Estimates are generated graphic

Maybe we should call it Estimate+! We are looking for several companies to help us final test Solution-IV Estimating prior to release. Try it, you'll like it! If you are interested, please call Peter Marlow at 800-524-0430 X 4095. If you would like to read more about this product, please click here.

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