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8.6.1 Pre-Release Update and Background

Dear Thoroughbred Customer:

There have been many updates and feature enhancements with the 8.6.1 Version update. Below please find the summary feature list for both 8.6.1 and 8.6.0 products.

Our new 8.6 products are designed to provide the ultimate in design flexibility and creativity for you. With these products and tools you can design Browser-based and GUI-based applications. You can also use 3rd party Development tools like Adobe Dreamweaver and Ajax Widgets. Access to popular databases like MS SQL Server and ORACLE is supported as is the use of report tools like CrystalReports and TS ODBC DataServer™. Other 8.6 products include: TS XML DataServer™, T-RemoteControl™, DataSafeGuard™ for disaster recovery/system back-up, Report-IV™ to PDF, and Solution-IV® our integrated accounting applications.

T-WEB Executive Summary screen

Thoroughbred can work with you to design an individual implementation program for you to migrate your applications to 8.6.1 and T-WEB™. Classes are planned for 8.6.1 training and the use of 3rd party Web design tools. Click here to see the application run. For further information please call your Thoroughbred representative.

The T-WEB Development System has new enhanced capabilities. We have used Adobe's Dreamweaver CS3 with some Ajax components to build interesting system capabilities including a header/detail component displayed below (see Character, VIP GUI and T-WEB/XML/Ajax versions).

Click on each screen to view an enlargement

Screen Enlargement Screen Enlargement Screen Enlargement

Key feature/enhancement Summary for Thoroughbred Versions 8.6

8.6.1 Release planned for June 2008

The 8.6.1 release of Thoroughbred will include:

  • Vista UAC-Compliant version including digital signatures for all executables and components, Vista in XP compatibility mode is shipping now.
  • Server-side socket support.
  • Support script programs greater than 64K.
  • TS-RemoteControl included for remote debugging capabilities.
  • String function to convert Basic datanames (FORMAT) to an XML string and visa versa.
  • Variable Format-to-Format assignments
  • DataServer Reconnects
  • Additional SQL Date/Time support
  • Easier integration of T-WEB with products like Adobe's Dreamweaver and Ajax Widgets and components.
  • New OS Ports including Microsoft Vista, Solaris 10, and new Linux kernels and distributions.
8.6.0 Release Features All Products (Released February, 2007)

New Products and Features
  • T-WEB New Product - Browser Development System (includes TS XML DataServer™) T-WEB is Thoroughbred's Browser-based development system. It is an integration of several of Thoroughbred's development tools including: Thoroughbred Basic™, OPENworkshop®, T-WEB compiler, TS WebServer™, TS XML DataServer and Dictionary-IV™ object definitions. T-WEB will enable you to modify existing and develop new Thoroughbred-based applications to operate in Web Browser environments.
  • XML DataServer New Product - For those that want to develop their own Browser Look and Feel using XML. Included with T-WEB.
Thoroughbred Basic 8.6.0 Enhancements
  • 3GL I/O Triggers enhanced.
  • More Dicitonary-IV integration with Basic.
  • New string function to URL code and decode data.
  • New string function to perform Search and Replace.
  • New string function to encrypt and password data.
  • DST support (new Daylight savings).
  • Use INCLUDE statements in the IPLINPUT file.
  • The Common Global Variable (CGV) string function has increased capacity (>64K) and added performance.
  • The Script-IV™ compiler has been enhanced generate more efficient script code.
  • CONNECT VIEW now supports a secured SELECT WHEN clause not visible to users.
  • OPENworkshop now to supports a RUN of a Timeout method from the OO menu.
  • VIEW Commands enhanced with Query-IV™, Export, and Excel commands.

TbredComm now supports SSH. Secure telnet connections can be made using SSH1, SSH2, or SSHAuto. Encryption includes but is not limited to DES, AES, and Blowfish. Authentication includes but is not limited to Public Key, SecureID Token, and Password.

TS ODBC DataServer

TS ODBC DataServer™ now supports journaling and 3GL triggers.

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