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How Safe is Your Data?
Thoroughbred® Backup and Recovery Services

Did you know that Thoroughbred can provide remote backup services for as little as $10.00/day?

Thoroughbred's Backup and Recovery Services will assure that if there is a disaster of any kind, you will have a current copy of your data and applications to restore to your system when it is ready to come back online. Current back-up technologies using tapes, CDs or DVDs don't have a good way to test themselves, and there have been many instances where such media was found to be faulty and useless. Is it worth about $10.00/day for peace of mind? You are probably paying more than that now in time and materials to back-up your system.

Thoroughbred Backup solutions are available for all Thoroughbred-based customers including Thoroughbred-based custom systems and Solution-IV Reprographics™ accounting clients.

Click here to see more information on our Level I, II, and III back-up Services, or call your Thoroughbred Representative at (800) 524-0430.

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