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Thoroughbred Version 8.7 Feature Summary


Thoroughbred’s Version 8.7 has been in production for several months now with many new features. Upgrade to Thoroughbred Version 8.7 now and get these benefits and features.

The 8.7 Version of the Thoroughbred Environments include: Microsoft Vista/Server 2008 support, XML development tools, performance enhancements for DataServers, T-RemoteControl™ and Gateway&trade for Windows Host included with all 8.7 Environments.  New products and capabilities also include Report-IV to PDF and a Print to EXCEL printer.  As a user, software running on the Version 8.7 Thoroughbred Environment platform provides these features that add more functionality and performance to your system. 

Feature highlights of Thoroughbred Version 8.7 mean the following for our users:

  • Vista/Server 2008 UAC-Compliant Support.  8.7 will support a mix of Microsoft products including Vista, XP, Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 Operating Systems.
  • Query-IV™/Report-IV™ print to EXCEL. You can print Report-IV and Query-IV reports directly to EXCEL by using a new printer type just as you would print to a printer.


Printed reports to Printer or Excel!

  • Custom F8 VIEW Command Menu lets you decide what options can be available to your users. 

Select any of these F8 VIEW functions

  • Enhanced XML Functions provide for extended capabilities for developing products that can use browsers to communicate with your system.

Solution-IV Analytics Dashboard!

  • Full 64 Bit OS Support enables advanced Operating Systems to run Thoroughbred-based software applications.
  • Server Sockets for Basic enable defined connections to and from your Thoroughbred based software and 3rd party databases and products.
  • Performance enhancements for TS DataServer for MS SQL Server™ and TS ORACLE DataServer™.
  • DLINK for 3rd party databases provides optimum sort key maintenance and performance.
  • GWW Host is included at no cost enabling products like TS ReportServer™ to operate with any Thoroughbred 8.7 Environment.

Thoroughbred ReportServer, print reports to screen/file!
  • Report-IV to PDF Printer allows a direct print to a PDF file.

Print Reports to PDF files!

  • Expanded ReportServer Save function.
  • SQL Server tables now support Text Fields as well as Field Separators, providing for more transparency between Thoroughbred databases and MS SQL Server.
  • New user boundaries supported now include:12, 20, 28, 56, 192, 224, 320, 384, 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 users.  This makes upgrading user counts more convenient and cost effective.
  • T-RemoteControl™ is included providing the capability for your support staff to attach to your machine remotely, at the Server level, to determine and resolve any issue, and see exactly what you see.

Thoroughbred Version 8.7 is available today.  Please click here for the 8.7 Release Notes for more details. Call us at (800) 524-0430 or e-mail us at  for more information. 

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