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TS ODBC DataServer™ is the tool for you!

Spreadsheet, Report Writer and Word Processor Data Access from your Database

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is an industry standard for database access. Being ODBC-compliant means that when you run a spreadsheet, report writer, or word processor application it will automatically update information from your database. You will always display information that is as current as your database.

The TS DataServer™ family of products also enables you to access your MS SQL Server, Access and ORACLE databases.

Get more out of your Thoroughbred System... Imagine being able to access your data in a spreadsheet for modeling and forecasting, or for ad hoc analysis!

There are two versions of TS ODBC DataServer available, a Read Only and a Read/Write version. The Read/Write version enables you to input data to the Thoroughbred Database along with establishing the rules for doing so. Vendor catalog updates, name and address lists and price list updates are just a few of the items that can be imported. The Thoroughbred Services department or your Thoroughbred VAR can help you with any assistance needed to write data to your Thoroughbred database.

For more information on TS ODBC DataServer please click here or call your Thoroughbred Account Representative at (800) 524-0430.

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