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Thoroughbred® Releases Basic™ Version 8.7.1 Products

The Thoroughbred Version 8.7.1 release is based on comments and suggestions we have received from the Thoroughbred community; both through the Thoroughbred mail-list forum and our support and development departments. Version 8.7.1 includes all Thoroughbred Environments including Basic, OPENworkshop® , T-WEB™ and all accompanying Thoroughbred Products. While primarily a maintenance release including over 100 updates, the release also includes a number of enhancements. A few 8.7.1 highlights are:

  • PRM JOURNALING now includes entries for SAVE and PSAVE
  • Journaling is now available for Windows
  • TFF() XML functions now supports occurrences fields in formats
  • T-RemoteControl™ can now handle Process Numbers up to 8 digits and will display background processes
  • New Operating System support
  • The NUM() function can now produce ERR=26 for embedded spaces
  • The Script-IV™ compiler will now utilize the standard OPENworkshop® debugger
  • Report-IV™ to PDF now supports a Pre Convert Method
  • VIP® support for automatic conversion of prompt messages into buttons
  • VIP will right align all numeric fields in a View column
  • TS ReportServer™ support for a close "No to All" option
  • TbredComm™ AutoLogons will send the domain user name to a telnet Basic™ session
  • Basic™ activation via the Internet is available during installation
  • The CTC operations have been enhanced to allow table by table control for commit counts
  • The total number of allowable ghost tasks (up to 62) is controlled by the Basic user count
  • The Basic user count on UNIX/Linux systems can be updated with ./install -a

To see the complete list of Updates and Enhancements for Version 8.7.1 please click here.

Call your Thoroughbred representative for more information on how to upgrade to 8.7.1.

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