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Protect Your Critical Computer Systems Data From Hackers!

The recent Colonial Pipeline break-in and ransomware has sparked renewed interest in the security of critical business infrastructure and the valuable data stored in online computer systems.

Systems can be easily compromised by simply clicking on an infected email or an internet link, not to mention the risk of hackers breaking into your system via other nefarious means.

Thoroughbred has several Products and Services designed to protect your systems and data from these very real threats.

A first step is to evaluate your network infrastructure to make sure it is very difficult to intrude from the outside. This includes firewalls, filtered SSH, approved IP Addresses and using non-standard ports for communications.

Next, verify you have a solid backup and disaster recovery plan in place. These include products such as Thoroughbred's DataSafeGuard™ which records your business transactions in real time, on a transaction by transaction basis to an off-site secure database. This can insure that if your system is breached or your computer system suffers a catastrophic failure, your Thoroughbred data is protected and secure.

Lastly, Thoroughbred now offers encrypted file types which allow certain critical files to be encrypted and tied to your particular computer system installation. This protects valuable data such as customer lists, employee social security numbers, etc. such that if these files were stolen, they would be unusable by any third party.

Combining all three of these steps will provide you with peace of mind that your data is safe and secure in the event of any disaster - fire, theft, or ransomware attack.

If you would like this kind of protection for your valuable business systems and data, please click here or contact your Thoroughbred Representative today.

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