! This example shows how you can update data in a Pre Process of a Field      
! and have that data redisplayed in a View.                                   
! This example uses the UT library, which comes with IDOL-IV.                 
!    8INPUT PRE/POST SCRIPT - Pre/Post processing for 8INPUT API. See 8INPUT  
!                             API documentation for more details in the       
!                             Dictionary-IV Reference Manual.                 
!    This script serves as a before or after input procedure used for         
!    IDOL-IV file maintenance (pre- or post-processing) and 8INPUT API.       
!    It is not designed to be executed from another script.                   
!    The following is a list of the Call/Enter variables that are compiled    
!    into this type script:                                                   
!         VAV3$       - String passed into public from format (same as S8$).  
!         SPARM$[ALL] - Screen array (see on-line help for 8INPUT).           
!         FPARM$[ALL] - Format array (see on-line help for 8INPUT).           
!         FD$         - Entire data record (before field edit).               
!         ]7$         - System variable (DO NOT ALTER).                       
!         W1$         - Field entry (contains data entered).                  
!         SE          - Field control value.                                  
!         W$          - Internal use (DO NOT ALTER).                          
     FORMAT INCLUDE #UTCUST,OPT="NONE"                                        
     LET #UTCUST = FD$                                                        
     LET FD$ = #UTCUST                                                        
!NOTE:   This example will only work as a Pre Process type P script.          
!       The Only other way to do this is with OPENWorkshop in a               
!       CONNECT METHOD with the "PRINT ROW" method directive.