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Operating System

Red Hat Linux ES
What began as a better way to build software–openness, transparency, collaboration–soon shifted the balance of power in an entire industry. The revolution of choice continues. Today Red Hat is the world's most trusted provider of Linux and open source technology.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES provides the core operating system and networking infrastructure for a wide range of entry–level and departmental server applications. It is ideally suited for network, file, print, mail, Web, and custom or packaged business applications.


Imaging professionals providing reproduction services, equipment, supplies, software, training and equipment repair to the design, manufacturing and build industry.

ReproMAX is an international network of independent reprographic companies dedicated to promoting excellence in reprographic services and technology. We provide educational seminars, purchasing programs, planroom solutions and information sharing to our membership.

ReproMAX Partners are industry leaders with longstanding reputations for their commitment to quality and exemplary customer service. We currently serve over 175 locations around the world.

Software Vendor

The Auscomp eNavigation Suite is a sophisticated, yet quick and convenient control center for your web site or Intranet.

Its primary function is for information management and navigation. It's fully customizable news, site indexing, real–time "Atomic Site Search", "Smart Surf Internet Search" and multi–level password protection, complete with its own deploy wizard, calendar and help files, are amongst its many other key management features.

FyTek's Text2PDF does more than just convert plain text. You can include tags to add images, change font size or color, underline and highlight text, and more. Also supports Chinese Simplified, Japanese and Korean fonts (must have the appropriate Asian font pack from Adobe installed in order to view). In addition, codepage 1250 (Windows Central European) and 1251 (Windows Cyrillic) may be used when embedding fonts containing those code pages.