Thoroughbred® Consulting ServicesThoroughbred® Consulting Services

Thoroughbred® Consulting Services are available to assist our developers and users and enable them to take advantage of the products and technologies available from Thoroughbred. We provide consulting for project development and management, disaster recovery, applications development and/or product enhancements, website development and general customer support.

Our consulting services clients receive a high level of quality customer support, provided in a timely fashion either via telephone/modem/internet access or on-site as the need demands. Custom programming changes, additions or modifications to existing applications, creation of new applications, and adding new technologies are all in a day's work!

Thoroughbred has the tools and resources to get the job done and can be your one-stop shop to help make your computer system work for you!

Consulting Services Strategy

The challenges the market presents to businesses today are vast. Your computer software must meet these challenges for your business to thrive and grow. Conversions, data accessibility, Web access, Graphical User Interface (GUI) support, UNIX, Linux, network decisions and Object Technology development are just some of the issues that you must resolve.

The Thoroughbred Consulting Services professional staff can show you how our development and run-time tools (including T-WEB™, OPENworkshop®, Dictionary-IV™, Report-IV™, Query-IV™, VIP™, TS ODBC DataServer™, DataSafeGuardTS WebServer™, Gateway for Windows™ and the TS DataServer™ family can move you forward and utilize the best technology for your needs.

Thoroughbred's resources and partners are available to consult and assist you in using our new technologies to make your software do what you want. Thoroughbred's Consulting Services team can support and assist you in making the right decisions and choices in updating your system.


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Project Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become an efficient method of completing special projects that may not demand full-time employees. Thoroughbred can provide the resources to accomplish and manage special projects including 3GL to 4GL/OPENworkshop conversions, character based application to GUI based application conversions, Web-based applications development, major enhancements to existing applications products (including Solution-IV Accounting®), and Dictionary-IV definition development for access to our products including TS ODBC DataServer™, TS ORACLE DataServer™, TS DataServer for SQL Server™, DataSafeGuardTS WebServer™, TS Network DataServer™, Thoroughbred Report-IV and Thoroughbred Query-IV.

Disaster Recovery Services

Using Thoroughbred products, Thoroughbred can maintain backup copies of your system and database storing and synchronizing the data so that a backup database and system can be available should any disaster disable your system. We can establish a link for you to connect to a backup of your system, and continue working while your local disaster situation is being remedied. Thoroughbred will work with you to determine the best scenario for your business to assure you have your data when you need it.

Thoroughbred employs a variety of solutions for Disaster recovery including DataSafeGuard.

Customized Services

Whatever your special issues, Thoroughbred can work with you to solve them. Our family of development and run-time software environments, and the openness of our systems, enables us to take advantage of most specialty software, and integrate it into a complete, comprehensive computing environment that gets the job done!

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