Internet Technologies & ServicesInternet Technologies & Services

Thoroughbred® Internet Technologies and Services are available to customers, enabling them to take advantage of the power of the Internet with their Thoroughbred-based applications.

T-WEB™ technology allows you to extend your applications to the Internet in real-time.

Thoroughbred Internet Strategy

Low communication cost has made Internet processing the choice for remote computing needs. Thoroughbred's Internet Technology employs an array of our products and professional services to support our customers growing Internet computing requirements. Internet communications and interactive Internet computing are a reality and a requirement in today's business. Our new generation of Internet technologies and services provide you with the pathway to complete Internet utilization.

Thoroughbred Internet Technologies

T-WEB developed Internet Browser-based applications can be developed quickly and easily. Thoroughbred can assist you in setting up your application on our T-WEB Development Server. Once set up, your application can be developed to run interactively on the Internet with any industry compliant Browser.

Thoroughbred Internet Services

Thoroughbred's Internet Consulting Services Group can work with you to establish a complete interactive internet based application. We can train your staff in T-WEB development techniques, work with your staff in actually developing or re-engineering your application to T-WEB specifications, or do the development for your company.

Customized Services

Whatever your needs are, Thoroughbred can work with you to solve them. Our family of development and run-time software products, and the openness of our systems, enable us to take advantage of almost any third party software, and integrate it into a complete, comprehensive computing environment that gets the job done! Call your Thoroughbred sales representative to find out more about Thoroughbred's Internet Technology and Services program.