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TS Environment for Windows™ 

Current Release

Versions 8.5.0 and 4.031
Release Notes

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Thoroughbred Environment™ version 8.5.0 is an extension of Thoroughbred's successful 8.4.2 release enhancing each tier in Thoroughbred's Three Tier Architecture strategy. VIP and TbredComm software is not included with the new TS (Terminal Server) Environment for Windows, but may be purchased separately.

If you are installing the new TS (Terminal Server) Environment on NT, Windows 2000, or XP, please take a few moments to read the TS Environment release notes.

Read Me First - Important Upgrade Information
OPENworkshop®, IDOL-IV®, and VIP4™

All hard coded channel references for IDDBD have been replaced by UNT and #IDSV.IDDBD-CH. The Dictionary will no longer expect to be opened on channels 1,3,4 or 100. Important: You must re-compile all Script-IV™ source modules and re-phase all Report-IV™ definitions. If you have written application code expecting the dictionary to be opened on a specific channel please upgrade your code to reflect this change.

If you are installing the Windows Basic on NT, Windows 2000, or XP, please take a few moments to read the TS Environment for Windows release notes.

The VIP™ 4.031 installation is an update to the VIP™ 4.03 release. This installation includes the VIP™ 4.03 web updates as well as some other changes for the 4.031 release. To verify individual executables please refer to the procedure described below under "Reporting Problems."

Reporting Problems

When reporting problems please be sure to include the build number and the enhancement/problem reference number where applicable.

The Basic build number and date can be accessed using the new DUMP VERSION directive. From Basic™ console type in DUMP VERSION and press <CR>.

The OPENworkshop®, IDOL-IV®, and VIP4™ (host) version number and release date are available from the Version Manager on the System Administration Menu. To verify the build date of a specific program simply list line 10 of the program.

The VIP4™ (client), TbredComm™, TS ReportServer™, TS ChartServer™ and Gateway for Windows build numbers should be verified at the executable level. Please do not use the VIP4 Version manager for the 4.031 release. To verify individual executables right mouse click on an executable. Select 'Properties', select the 'Version' tab and highlight 'Comments'. The detailed build information will be displayed in a panel on the right.

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