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4.031 Release Notes

Software Enhancements

VIP  [up]

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    GWW™ will attempt an auto-restart when the client is no longer responding.

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    IDOL-IV® menu screens are now supported byVIP4™ and will be processed as graphical screens supporting the entire VIP4™ GUI screen capabilities.

  3. Reference: HOST MISC 0160
    IDOL-IV® can now be started with VIP4™ enabled to take advantage of the new IDOL-IV® GUI menus. This process makes use of the standard IDOL-IV® auto login feature with some additional support for VIP4. In the IPLINPUT file specify your start up program and then add the following lines of code to that start up program.

  4. *Standard IDOL-IV® auto login code:
    DIM ]7$(400);
    CALL "IDPUB4",]6$,]7$,]8$,]9$;
    ]7$(77,3)="  ",

    *Additional support for VIP.
    *Set the VIP global variable "VIPSTART" to either
    *the IDOL-IV® or OPENworkshop® start up program:
    *ID or OO. If "VIPSTART" is not set,
    *OO will be run by default.


    *Run VIPSTART to enable VIP and then run ID or OO.


TbredComm™  [up]

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    TbredComm™ can now support up to 24 F-keys. This feature requires the latest TBREDCON terminal table distributed with the 850.

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    A new option has been implemented to keep TbredComm™ sessions alive during inactivity. To activate this feature, modify the [TBC] section in the Tbred.ini file adding the keepalivesecs and the keepalivechar entries. The following example will force TbredComm™ to send a Ctrl+Q (char 17) to the host every 90 seconds of inactivity:


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    A new WorkStation Manager™ option has been implemented to remove the icon from the system tray. This change provides additional support where a system tray icon does not exist (i.e. Terminal Server). To activate this feature, modify the [TWMGR] section in the Tbred.ini file adding the trayicon=N entry. To deactivate this feature remove the trayicon entry or set trayicon=Y. The following example will disable the system tray icon:


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    Enhanced dial-up support has been added to TbredComm™.

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    A new menu bar selection supporting a COPY function has been added to TbredComm™. To copy a block of text, simply drag your mouse to highlight a block and then select COPY from the menu bar to copy it to the clipboard. The default highlight colors are WHITE on LBLUE. If this conflicts with your application colors, you can set the COPY colors in the [TBC] section in the Tbred.ini file. The following example will use white text on a red background to highlight a copy region:


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    TbredComm™ Slave printing will now prompt with a Printer Dialog for selection.

  7. Reference: none
    TbredComm™ now provides 132-column support via the Basic™ wide-screen mnemonic. This feature requires the latest TBREDCON terminal table distributed with the 850.

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    A new option has been added allowing the default telnet port, typically 23, to be overridden. Specify the -P option followed by the desired port number in the TbredComm™ Startup parameters. For example:

    C:\TSI\BIN\Tbredcom.exe -P 7000.

    For more information see the TS Environment for Windows Addendum

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    TbredComm now supports the ability to pass command line arguments to a Windows Basic™. This is done through the WorkStation Manager™. In order to supply command line arguments a complete autologin must be defined.

    From the WorkStation Manager™ select Options. Select the TbredComm™ tab.

    Add a new Auto Logon Section, for more information see the TbredComm™ chapter in the VIP™/Gateway for Windows manual. After entering the Host Name, click on the Cmd Ln button to display the Command Line dialog box. This supports the command arguments that would normally follow ./b.

    For example to start Basic with an alternate IPLINPUT file enter the IPLINPUT file name in the Command Line window. By entering IPLWIN.TXT in the command line window, Basic will start using IPLWIN.TXT.

    It supports all Basic command line arguments. Click Ok to save the command line argument and exit the command line dialog. Complete the auto logon dialog as the reference manual discribes, with one exception. You must specify a script file even if it an empty file.

    We distribute the default script file TBDefaultWinBasic.tcl with VIP4. Also note that the TbredComm™ script file editor will not properly save an empty script file but you can use notepad or any other text editor to create one if you should accidentally remove the default that we distribute.

    You can create a shortcut on your desktop to execute Windows Basic using the auto logon. For example if you create an auto logon named WIN, the shortcut resemble the following: C:\TSI\BIN\Tbredcom.exe -A WIN. See the manual for more information on creating shortcuts.

Software Changes

VIP™  [up]

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    An intermittent problem can corrupt the message pool file on the client. At this time no solution is available. As a temporary work around a zip file with an extra copy of this file will be installed on the client. If you are experiencing error messages indicating that VIP can not connect to the server, the following steps should correct the problem.
    • Shut down all VIP, WorkStation Manager™, and TbredComm™ processes.
    • On the client locate the folder <VIP-install-path>\TSI\MessagePool.
    • Erase the file named 'inprogress-save-file'.
    • Extract the file MP-EN-101498170910 from the file into your <VIP-install-path>\TSI\MessagePool folder.
    • Reconnect to your host and start VIP again.

  2. Reference: HOST MENU 0011
    From an IDOL-IV® menu entering /* or /** for the Basic™ utilities would cause a hang. This has been corrected by preventing the selection of character only options from a menu.

  3. Reference HOST MENU 0012
    A problem where the option to 'Build List Box Menus' did not generate the correct entries for CONNECTs in IDOL-IV® style menus has been corrected.

  4. Reference: HOST MISC 0156
    A hang when doing F8 from within a matrix menu has been corrected.

  5. Reference: HOST MISC 0155
    Partial Fix. Some but not all problems with the debugger and have been corrected. This fix corrects the following:
    • A hang when doing CTL-B from an OPENworkshop® menu has been corrected.
    • Several hangs and focus problems associated with function keys in the debugger have been corrected. Please note: the debugger will function with VIP4™ on however not all the editing capabilities (Function Keys) are supported with VIP4™ editing a text window is a local task managed by the VIP4™ client.

  6. Reference: HOST MISC 0154
    A hang when doing CTL-P (Hot Key Menu) from either a screen or an IDOL-IV® menu has been corrected.

    Note: This change was originally made in the 850b build. The 850rc01 build contains corrections required if a Hot Key menu selection invokes screen processing.

  7. Reference: HOST MISC 0157
    A problem in CONNECT SCREEN and SRM where the current mode was not refreshed correctly has been corrected. For example when switching from 'Change' to 'Add', the mode window displayed 'Addnge'.

  8. Reference: HOST MISC 0159
    Running the Thoroughbred UNIX Shell produces various problems including leaving menus on the screen. The Thoroughbred UNIX Shell has not been modified to support VIP4™. In 8.5.0 Thoroughbred UNIX Shell will switch to character mode and then revert to GUI mode upon exit.  The required enhancements to support this may be addressed in a future release.

  9. Reference: HOST MISC 0158
    A problem where doing CTL-B while in 'user mode' would not force the focus back to the main Basic™ window has been corrected. The prompt "Return to UNIX (Y/N) or Debug(D)" will now be processed in character mode. Responding "Y" will properly close VIP4™ before returning to the system console. Responding "N" will continue normal processing with VIP4™ enabled. Responding "D" will invoke the debugger with VIP4™ enabled.

  10. Reference: HOST PRNT 0001
    A problem where looping through the printer selection list would cause a VIP4™ null parsing error has been corrected.

  11. Reference: HOST PRNT 0002
    Slave printing is currently not supported while VIP4™ is enabled. To prevent a slave printer from incorrectly being selected while VIP4™is enabled, the following rules have been implemented by the standard Thoroughbred open printer logic:
    • Slave printers will not be included in the list of available printers presented to the user.
    • If the default printer is a slave printer, the TS ReportServer™ will be used as the default printer. If TS ReportServer is not available, the first printer in the list of available printers will be used as the default.
    • If 8OPENS is called with a slave printer as the requested printer device (users are not prompted for printer selection), the TS ReportServer™ will be used as the printer device. If TS ReportServer™ is not available the user will be prompted to select an alternate printer.
    Note: The status of this item is subject to change.

  12. Reference: HOST PRNT 0003
    A problem where the TS ReportServer would retain the focus when doing F16 Print Screen has been corrected. After the TS ReportServer™ has been started, focus will switch back to VIP4™ for the W for Window or S for Screen option.

  13. Reference: HOST QRY4 0002
    A problem where certain error messages could not be dismissed and would cause VIP4 errors to occur when attempting to close the error message window has been corrected. An example of this message type is: "022-Resulting table exceeds maximum width of 248 characters." These types of query error messages will now be displayed as a help module when VIP4 is enabled.

  14. Reference: HOST QRY4 0001
    The EQL option will not be available when VIP4™ is enabled. This is a temporary change to avoid a series of errors that occur using EQL with VIP4™.

  15. Reference: HOST QRY4 0003
    A problem where the column selection screen (2-Columns) was cutting off the first character for each of the column data has been corrected. Note this requires and updated VIP4 installation.

  16. Reference: HOST SCRN 0002
    A crash processing recursive screens has been corrected.

  17. Reference: HOST SCRN 0107
    A problem where the special screen code /t was inaccurately reporting the time has been corrected.

  18. Reference: HOST TEDT 0003
    A problem where color and display attributes were lost when editing and saving text has been corrected.

  19. Reference: HOST VIEW 0017
    A problem in views where doing a F10 Data Name List from the F10 GOTO function was not working has been corrected.

  20. Reference: HOST VIEW 0018
    A problem where the View F8 Command COUNT did not display the results has been corrected.

  21. Reference: HOST VIEW 0019
    A problem where a view with BORDER=None did not display the correct number of data rows has been corrected. In addition to the number of rows displayed in the view being off by 2, scrolling through the data rows did not work correctly.

  22. Reference: HOST VIEW 0020
    A problem where scrolling did work correctly when a view is defined with the option HEADINGS=Y but is invoked with the override parameter of HEADINGS=N (VIEW$[13](7,1)) has been corrected.

  23. Reference: none
    A problem where a blank IDOL-IV® menu was displayed after installing the 850 has been corrected.

TS ReportServer™  [up]

  1. Reference:
    A problem where ReportServer™ did not work with Query-IV™ has been corrected.

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