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Enhancements [up]


  1. Reference: INSTALL Process
    4GLE INST 0045

    The INSTALL process has been enhanced to support Module Codes. When INSTALL is run there is an option to enter a module code or to run a selective merge. If a Module Code is entered the appropriate product modules will automatically be merged. If a selective install is done the merge process will run as it has in previous releases.

  2. Reference: Date Type 8
    OPENworkshop now supports additional Date Type 8 combinations:
    5.4, 6.5, 8.7, 9.8, 12.5, 13.6, 14.7 and 15.8.
  3. Reference: DLINK
    The DLINK model has been implemented for foreign databases.

  4. Reference: F8 Command Menu
    4GLE CVIE 0342

    Added support for custom F8 Command menu name in Views in order to provide limited F8 functionality when user mode is set to USERS.

    This can be done at anytime by creating an OPENworkshop startup method and using the global format #IDSV.VIEW-USR-CMD set to the name of the F8 Command window to be displayed from a View. This is useful if you do not want your users to be able to access F8 commands like COPY, MOVE, DELETE, SUM, COUNT.

    If #IDSV.VIEW-USR-CMD is not set the default menu OOM2 will be used.

    For convenience a modified version of OOM2 named OOM2USR is distributed with OPENworkshop. This version of the command window limits options to LIST, PRINT, QUERY, CHART, EXPORT, and EXCEL.


  1. Reference: Query-IV/Report-IV
    An option named "Output Type" has been added to Query-IV and Report-IV that will allow the export of your report or query directly to Excel. Each time Excel is selected for output, a new Excel workbook is created. To switch between workbooks select the appropriate Microsoft Excel Book in the task bar; or from the Excel menubar select the Window option and then select the appropriate Book (window).

    In Query-IV this option appears under the Query-IV Output Options (Special Functions). There you will set the "E" option.

    In Report-IV there are two ways to output to Excel:
    • Select Excel as the printer device. This capability is only available from Report-IV. Please refer to the Report-IV Reference Manual for information on setting up the Excel printer device.
    • Write a method that calls Report-IV setting "T" to the output type and also setting entry 6 to the name of the file to be used for the tab delimited file that Report-IV generates.

      For example:
             WINDOW CREATE (80,24,0,0);
             DIM OOR$[10];
             CLEAR ERC;
             OPEN (CHP) ".";                        ! Find
             PFX$=FID(CHP),                         !  directory number
             PFX=ASC(PFX$(20,1));                   !  of prefix directory
             CLOSE (CHP);
             OUT$="SendToExcel";                    ! export file name
             WHILE ERC =0;                          ! erase
                ERASE OUT$,ERC=12                   !  all copies
             WEND;                                  !  of the file
             CLEAR ERC;                             ! clear error control
             TEXT OUT$,PFX,0;                       ! create export file
             OPEN (CHP,OPT="TEXT") OUT$;            ! open output channel*
             OOR$[1]="RRRCUST",                     ! set report name
             OOR$[6]="CH:"+STR(CHP),                ! set output to channel
             OOR$[7]="T";                           ! set Export Tabbed file*
             CALL "OOR",OOR$[ALL];                  ! execute report
             CLOSE (CHP);                           !
             IF OOR$[0]="."                         ! if good report
                DIM OO3A$[1];                       !
                OO3A$[0]="E",                       !    set excel
                OO3A$[1]=OUT$;                      !    set export file name
                CALL "OO3AXPRT",OO3A$[ALL]          !    send to excel*
             FI;                                    ! endif


  1. Reference: Script-IV
    Script-IV is no longer limited to 64K for the data environment; both ]2$ and A0$ have been expanded.

Changes [up]


  1. Reference: Modify/Copy/Move files
    4GLE 8FLB 0001

    An ERR=13 when trying to expand files with sorts has been fixed.
  2. Reference: FILE-SUFFIX
    4GLE FLSX 0004

    An ERR=12 in Script-IV when setting LET FILE-SUFFIX = FID(0) with NEW DATA-FILE on a Link that had sorts defined has been fixed.

    For example the following would generate an ERR=12:
  3. Reference: FILE-SUFFIX
    4GLE FLSX 0005

    A problem with the FILE-SUFFIX being incorrectly reset when doing a CONNECT VIEW with joined columns and View methods has been fixed.
  4. Reference: FILE-SUFFIX
    4GLE FLSX 0006

    A problem in Script-IV where it was incorrectly reporting that the primary key does not match the secondary keys has been fixed. This could occur when setting the FILE-SUFFIX, setting VIEW$[18] and then doing a CONNECT VIEW.
  5. Reference: Link
    4GLE LINK 0107

    A problem introduced in the Web updates where DLINK with MSORT files reading with a descending date sort did not return all the records has been fixed.
  6. Reference: Text Method OO41
    4GLE TEXT 0061

    A problem in the Text Method OO41 only accepted a link name, while the Link Array can contain either a link name, a format name or both link and format names has been fixed.


  1. Reference: VIEW[ALL]
    4GLE CVIE 0022

    A problem passing VIEW$[ALL] override values for view location and number of display rows has been fixed.
  2. Reference: Joined Columns
    4GLE CVIE 0335

    ERR=47 when joining columns and PRM IF47 has not been set has been fixed.
  3. Reference: MSORT
    4GLE CVIE 0329

    A problem where a blank view appeared when using CONNECT VIEW to an MSORT file with an alternate sort has been fixed.
  4. Reference: View Display
    4GLE CVIE 0333

    A problem where the system appears to hang because there were not enough records to fill the view display area has been fixed.
  5. Reference: SELECT WHEN
    4GLE CVIE 0337

    A problem where a SELECT WHEN clause is truncated to 255 bytes has been addressed. If a supplied SELECT WHEN clause or a USING clause is greater than 255 characters in length access to F8 will be denied. This prevents the clause from being truncated.
  6. Reference: Runtime Precision
    4GLE CVIE 0340

    A problem where the runtime precision does not get restored when an error occrus in a format, requiring an alternate precision, has been fixed.
  7. Reference: Joined Columns
    4GLE CVIE 0344

    A problem where rows with joined column data are not refreshed correctly has been fixed. A CONNECT VIEW with a joined column on a field with a post-process from the view's link that returns *.* would refresh the row but the contents of the joined column was not accurate.

Report-IV ™

  1. Reference: Report-IV
    4GLE RPT4 0414

    A problem where a date does not print when setting an IF condition in the F5 window using a true or false condition has been fixed.
  2. Reference: Phase/Syntax
    4GLE RPPH 0002

    A problem with occurrence dates that were being indexed with a Basic numeric variable has been fixed. For example:


  1. Reference: Sorts
    4GLE SORT 0071

    A problem where an application PRECISION was still in effect when writing keys with either date or numeric values has been fixed. This was only a problem when PRECISION was set to 0.
  2. Reference: Script-IV
    A problem with PRINT VIEW when the view has no headings has been fixed.
  3. Reference: Compiler
    4GLE SRCP 0026

    A problem when reading by RANGE with Sortn and the supplied key value is in a 3GL variable and the length is greater than the defined Sort len has been fixed.
  4. Reference: Compiler
    4GLE SRCP 0031

    A problem if a FILE-SUFFIX assignment is not a statement by itself, only ]7$ was set not #IDSV, has been fixed.
    For example:
    LET FILE-SUFFIX = SFX$     ! works just fine                                                         
    LET C$="123",
        FILE-SUFFIX = C$       ! only sets local copy
  5. Reference: Compiler
    4GLE SRCP 0036

    A problem in the Web updates of 10/26/07 where the Script-IV compiler does not compile ERROR PROCESSING correctly with the UPDATE directive has been fixed. Instead of taking the ERROR PROCESSING branch it would take the default Script-IV error branch.
  6. Reference: Compiler
    4GLE SRCP 0037

    A problem where the KEY-NAME was not populated correctly after doing an ADD has been fixed. The KEY-NAME could not be used as the key to the next Link I/O.
  7. Reference: Script Compiler
    4GLE SRCP 0038

    ERR=47 or ERR=171 because a READ populates data in an IOLIST which refers to a variable which has not been DIM in the overlay, has been fixed. For example:

         LET X=X;ESCAPE
         RUN OVERLAY "XXP3"
         LET X=X;ESCAPE
    This creates an ERR=47 below.
    XXP3 . . .
    -->00202 LET ]9$(43,8)="JCLMST"
    -->00202 LET ]LINK$="JCLMST"
    -->00202 LET ]9$(39,1)="Y"
    -->00202 LET ]9$(40,3)="FPK"
    -->00202 LET ]9=JCLMST_001L
    -->00202 LET ]SRT_NO_001=0
    -->00202 LET ]SRT_PF_001$=CHR(]SRT_NO_001
    -->00202 LET ]SRT_NO_001$=STR(]SRT_NO_001)
    -->00202 READ (JCLMST_001L,KEY="",SRT=]SRT_NO_001$,ERC=3). . .
    -->00202 READ (JCLMST_001L,KEY=]$,ERC=3) IOL=00020
    With this fix you will now correctly get:
    XXP3 . . .
    -->00202 LET ]9$(43,8)="JCLMST"
    -->00202 LET ]LINK$="JCLMST"
    -->00202 LET JCLMST_001R$=]2$(1,734)
    -->00202 LET ]HOLD_001$="Y"
    -->00202 LET ]9$(39,1)="Y"
    -->00202 LET ]9$(40,3)="FPK"                                            
  8. Reference: Compiler
    4GLE SRCP 0042

    A problem causing a compile error when the link file type is set to "U" has been fixed. The following now works properly.

         LET OFF_SET = 1
  9. Reference: Compiler
    4GLE CMPL 0060

    A problem when using lowercase library names caused an error when compiling has been fixed.
  10. Reference: Link/File
    4GLE SRLN 0010

    A problem with the ADD directive incorrectly attempting to expand an auto expanding file has been fixed. This was only a problem when the Link had sorts defined and the corresponding FORMAT had a future date for the last change date.
  11. Reference: Script-IV
    4GLE MISC 1870

    A problem with UPDATE causing an ERR=14 following a call to OO41 has been fixed.

Text Fields

  1. Reference: Text Fields
    4GLE TEXT 0057

    An ERR=0 in 4GLTCP when trying to copy text fields from a Dictionary-IV Link defined for a type "I" file to a Link defined for a Microsoft SQL Server file has been fixed.
  2. Reference: Text Fields
    4GLE TEXT 0058

    A problem where using OO41 to copy text fields was opening an incorrect link if LNK$[] had been previously set to another Link has been fixed.


  1. Reference: Global Cross Reference
    A problem where T-WEB was not being scanned in Global Cross References has been fixed.