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NOTE: There are new installation instructions for TbredComm and VIP for Dictionary-IV. It is important that you review the updated Installation manuals before installing product.

Enhancements [up]


  1. Reference: General
    VIP4 MISC 0273

    VIP for Dictionary-IV®, TbredComm™, TS ReportServer™, and Gateway for Windows™ now support Vista and 2008 Server. Please note that the VIP GUI Screen Editor, Toolbar Maintenance, and TS ChartServer are not supported on the Vista and 2008 Server platforms.

VIP for Dictionary-IV

  1. Reference: General
    VIP4 MISC 0274

    A new VIP® executable TSSetupEnv.exe can be run at any time to clear the TSI\ObjectCache folders or recreate the TSI\ObjectCache folders from a specified folder on the client.
    TSSetupEnv.exe -wash -load <load-directory-name>
    -wash : When the -wash argument is supplied, TSSetupEnv.exe will read Tbred.ini to determine the current location of TSI\ObjectCache. It will clear the contents of:
    ObjectCache\Viewsp with the exception of default.tpl.

    -load : When the -load argument is supplied TSSetupEnv.exe will load the supplied files into the \TSI\ObjectCache folders. The <load-directory-name> is optional. If not supplied TSSetupEnv.exe will default to C:\Program Files\Tsi\LoadEnv as the source for the load environment. The directory structure of the load environment must mirror the entire directory structure of TSI\ObjectCache.

    For example:


  1. Reference: TbredComm
    VIP4 TBC 0210

    A log file is now created when there is a connection failure.
  2. Reference: TbredComm
    VIP4 TBC 0209

    In previous versions an invalid password would result in a "cannot connect" message. This has been changed to an "invalid password" message.
  3. Reference: Autologons
    The autologon description is now displayed in the TbredComm title bar to help identify a TbredComm window and task.

TS ReportServer™

  1. Reference: TS ReportServer
    RPSV MISC 0098

    TS ReportServer supports a user defined location for saved files. From the WorkStation Manager select the Default Directories tab. Click browse to select the default folder to be used when saving output generated by TS ReportServer.

Changes [up]

VIP for Dictionary-IV

  1. Reference: Views
    Problems with views that contain no header rows or the headings are filled to capacity have been fixed.
  2. Reference: Toolbar
    VIP4 TBP 0037

    A problem with object position location after VIP, with a toolbar, is non-gracefully closed ( i.e. System->Exit ) has been fixed.


  1. Reference: Command Line
    A problem sending command line arguments to a Telnet Basic has been fixed.
  2. Reference: Highlighting Text
    Problems when highlighting text, and the mouse is released in the overflow area, have been fixed.
  3. Reference: Highlighting Text
    Problems tracking mouse movement in the overflow area or outside of the TbredComm window when highlighting text have been fixed.
  4. Reference: Autlogon
    A problem connecting via an autologon after a previous autologon attempt fails has been fixed.
  5. Reference: Misc.
    A problem where the cursor disappears after column 53 has been fixed.
  6. Reference: Misc.
    A problem where the display inside the child window is off by 1 or more characters after the window is minimized has been fixed.

WorkStation Manager

  1. Reference: Toolbar
    V861 VIP 0004

    Problems when the initial toolbar cannot be loaded during startup have been fixed.
  2. Reference: View
    V861 VIP 0008

    A problem where the view font was not properly saved causing VIP to display a view with the wrong font has been fixed.

TS ReportServer

  1. Reference: Toolbar
    V861 VIP 0001

    A problem with the initial save directory, when saving a report after the Close button of the report or ReportServer is clicked, has been fixed.

Gateway for Windows

  1. Reference: Misc.
    A problem where multiple Gateway processes are spawned and orphaned when using TbredComm to connect to the host has been fixed.