Including Dictionary-IV®, Script-IV™, Report-IV™, Query-IV™, and Source-IV™.


  1. Reference: Formats 4GLE FMT 0164
    Formats now support 2 character data-element names.
  2. Reference: Formats 4GLE FMT 0165
    Formats now support mixed case data-element names.
  3. Reference: OPENworkshop Global Dictionary
    Sort usage is now being tracked in the OWS Global Dictionary.
  4. Reference: OPENworkshop Global Dictionary
    Schemas are now being tracked in the OWS Global Dictionary.
  5. Script-IV BREAK and CONTINUE 4GLE COMP 0029
    The Script-IV now supports BREAK and CONTINUE in DO WHILE/UNTIL. The BREAK will terminate the loop and execution will transfer to the statement following the ENDLOOP. The CONTINUE will cause the current iteration of the loop to be skipped. Execution will transfer to the ENDLOOP. This is the same BREAK and CONTINUE that has been added to the 8.8.0 Basic. Note: BREAK and CONTINUE are now reserved keywords words in Script-IV.
  6. Reference: Source-IV Library Search Summary View 4GLE SRC4 0122
    When searching a Source-IV library, press F7 from the Search/Replace command window to search the source library without pausing when a match is found. When the search is done, the Source-IV Search Summary View will display listing all source modules in the library that contained a matching search term. Pressing F1 on a source module name will load the source module in the Source-IV editor. For additional information, press <F6> from the <F8> Search window to display on-line help.
  7. Reference: View F8 Text Field Search
    An option to search text fields has been added to the View F8 - List selection screen. From the F8 Selection screen, enter "Y" for the Search Text Fields option. The Search Criteria screen will display. All text fields associated with the corresponding link will be search. This option is only available when the corresponding Link/Format contains one or more text fields. For additional information, press <F6> on any of the Search Criteria input fields to display on-line help.
  8. Reference: Activation
    An option to access the IDOL-IV Activation screen has been added to the OWS System Administration menu. Previously the only way to access the IDOL-IV activation screen was to wait until it was automatically displayed.


  1. Reference: Script-IV Compiler 4GLE COMP 0028
    A problem compiling RANGE FROM NEXT TO LAST has been corrected.
  2. Reference: Script-IV Compiler 4GLE COMP 0030
    An ERR=14 on OPEN LINK when the link has a PRINT VIEW associated with it has been corrected.
  3. Reference: Script-IV Compiler
    A compile error on DELETE link PROCESSING processing_procedure has been corrected.
  4. Reference: Script-IV Compiler
    A problem generating sort statements when CMASK "."=", is active has been corrected.
  5. Reference: PRINT SCREEN 4GLE SCRN 0205
    An ERR=94 doing a PRINT SCREEN CLEAR has been corrected. This would only happen when a PRINT SCREEN CLEAR is executing without first executing an OPEN SCREEN.
  6. Reference: SCREEN 4GLE SCRN 0207
    A problem generating default screens has been corrected. With very small screens an erroneous error message was being displayed, incorrectly reporting that the screen size was greater than the window size.
  7. Reference: SCREEN 4GLE SCRN 0206
    An ERR=47 loading some screens has been corrected. This would happen when the screen mask table exceeded 256 bytes.
  8. Reference: CONNECT SCREEN 4GLE CSCR 0183
    A problem where security fields with no print options (,1 or ,2) remain displayed on the screen after the user enters data has been corrected.
  9. Reference: CONNECT SCREEN 4GLE CSCR 0184
    A problem where records were not being added to MSORT files with key fields only has been corrected.
  10. Reference: SCREEN and VIEW 4GLE CSCR 0186
    A problem where numeric data would be truncated when tabbing through a field where the input window size was less than the actual data size has been corrected.
  11. Reference: IDOL-IV Views 4GLE VIEW 0092
    An ERR=47 loading old IDOL-IV views has been corrected. When loading an old view - "v" - an error 47 would occur if the number of format elements are less than the deleted columns + used columns. This would happen if the format update did not run on the view when a format was changed.
  12. Reference: PRINT VIEW 4GLE VIEW 0097
    A problem where it was possible to mouse click (character mode) on a blank row in a PRINT VIEW has been corrected.
  13. Reference: Views F10 Goto
    A problem with F10 Goto in Views has been corrected. If a sort was composed of system generated fields, F10 Goto would immediately return to the view, not waiting for the goto value to be entered.
  14. Reference: CONNECT VIEW
    A problem with End Range and <HOME> has been corrected. The End Range was not being updated when a new row was added so if the new row was the current end, to end would go to the previous end row.
  15. Reference: CONNECT VIEW
    A problem with MSORT files and scrolling has been corrected. For MSORT when scrolling up, it was stopping one short of beginning of file.
  16. Reference: CONNECT VIEW
    An ERR=11 with SQL tables has been corrected. The error 11 occurs when KEY INTO is used with PRINT VIEW or when a returned sort is requested.
  17. Reference: CONNECT VIEW 4GLE VIEW 0093
    An ERR=17 has been corrected. Under some circumstances when the Link/View Object Library is enabled an attempt to close channel 0 would result in ERR=17.
  18. Reference: CONNECT VIEW 4GLE CVIE 0386
    Sort processing will now honor Case, Direction, and substring reference for each element in a sort definition. Previously, the Case and Direction of the first field were applied to the entire key specified for Range, etc. This could also include the Case when a second or subsequent field was a specially formatted field such as a type 5 date. This modification applies the definition attributes to each field in the sort.
  19. Reference: CONNECT VIEW RANGE
    A problem with Views simulating PRINT VIEW with a starting key value and a range has been corrected. If a call to OO3A with VIEW$[10] = "P" and VIEW$[4] had a value which was not within the range specified in VIEW$[5] and VIEW$[6], the rows displayed were not within the specified range. This change forces the start value to be either the start or end range depending on whether the start (KEY-INTO) value was high or low.
  20. Reference: CONNECT VIEW
    A problem when executing a <F8>-Change with a range has been corrected. It was possible to reposition the sort file so that only the first selected record is changed.
  21. Reference: CONNECT VIEW
    An ERR=12 with Link Methods has been corrected. Under some circumstances it was possible that Link Methods and other CPP code would be dropped from memory.
  22. Reference: CONNECT VIEW
    A problem where the data displayed in the F10 Goto window has been corrected. This problem was limited to sequential reads with SQL/MSORT cases only.
  23. Reference: CONNECT VIEW
    A problem with <HOME> to last key when the Link has a prefix has been corrected.
  24. Reference: Report-IV 4GLE RPT4 0438
    A hang condition in Report-IV has been corrected. This would happen if the data file that is define with LN link DATA-FILE "filename" is missing.
  25. Reference: Report-IV
    An ERR=49 has been corrected. If record level security did not exist, an ERR=49 was possible on CGV() OORGLS.
  26. Reference: Menus / Report-IV 4GLE MENU 0158
    A problem where Report-IV INPUT and PRINTs were not visible has been corrected. This would happen when an IDOL-IV menu had a CONNECT REPORT as a type "c" (lowercase).
  27. Reference: IDOL-IV Menus 4GLE MENU 0159
    Explanation for an intermittent problem where an IDOL-IV menu would appear blank has been corrected. Modify the IDOL-IV menu definitions changing the Menu Selection Type from "C" to "c".
  28. Reference: Text Fields 4GLE TEXT 0070
    A problem where Method OO41 did not always return TEXT$[0]="." upon normal termination has been corrected.
  29. Reference: Text Fields
    A problem with channel management for text fields in OO41 has been corrected.
  30. Reference: Text Fields
    A problem where resizing text field could cause a hang has been corrected. This would only happen when there were bad text records in the file.
  31. Reference: Text Fields VIP4 TEDT 0012
    Note: This problem is not limited to VIP. A problem where doing a CHANGE on a text field with the "D" function could result in multiple text windows on top of each other has been corrected.
  32. Reference: Misc 4GLE MISC 1909
    An intermittent problem where exiting Solution-IV and returning to an IDOL-IV menu could result in an ERR=161 has been corrected.
  33. Reference: Formats 4GLE FMT 0162
    An ERR=47 in OONFM2 has been corrected. This could happen when adding a new field to the end of a format when updating the current library if a VIP GUI screen used the format definition. Note: This is not VIP specific but did require a corresponding GUI screen for the error to occur.
  34. Reference: Link Maintenance 4GLE LINK 0121
    An ERR=175 preventing link maintenance has been corrected. If a link contained an invalid sort definition it was not possible to perform link maintenance to correct the bad sort definition.
  35. Reference: Sort Rebuild
    A problem where after rebuilding sorts the precision was not reset had been corrected.
  36. Reference: Data Validation
    Field Type 1 (optional, fixed length) now allows trailing spaces to be counted as being fixed length. For example: a six character field, "AB"<CR> would not meet the fixed length criteria but "AB "<CR> would.
  37. Reference: Dictionary-IV Printer Assignments 4GLE PRNT 0001
    A problem where printer assignments could not be deleted or edited has been corrected.
  38. Reference: PRINTER READY
    A PRINTER READY PRINT (pch) " ",'CR', is no longer done for spooled printers.
  39. Reference: Dictionary-IV Update 4GLE MISC 1910
    A problem where bad records in Dictionary-IV could result in the Dictionary-IV Update getting stuck in a loop has been corrected.
  40. Reference: Misc 4GLE LOGO 0020
    This applies only to telnet Basic connections. A problem with OPENworkshop where the operator code was not being set using the first three characters from INF(3,2) has been corrected. This also requires that the TbredComm AutoLogon definition has the Windows O/S flag set.
  41. Reference: Misc TUX (Tbred Linux/Unix shell)
    An ERR=43 with PRM ERRMASK has been corrected.
  42. Reference: Misc TUX
    An ERR=12 over a DataServer on HP-UX using FST() has been corrected.
  43. Reference: Misc Error Log
    When an I/O Trigger is loaded the string array OOIO$[ALL] will now be included in the debug dump.
  44. Reference: Misc Error Log
    To better support ghost tasks, entries will be made to the error log before any presentation function.
  45. Reference: Misc Error Log
    A problem where ADD_TXT was not updating the error log correctly has been fixed.
  46. Reference: Converting window screens
    A problem converting non-window (IDOL) screens to windowed screens has been fixed. 8ZUT04 was reporting SysErr: (3200,17).
  47. Reference: Misc Security - 4GLE MISC 1914
    A problem where an error message was not being displayed when the security record was locked by another task has been corrected.
  48. Reference: Source-IV
    An ERR=37 will now be reported when a Source module contains too many INCLUDE #format_name.