Report-IV to PDFReport-IV to PDF


  1. Reference: Report-IV #OOFPDF1.ORIENTATION
    At run time the page orientation can be overridden by setting #OOFPDF1.ORIENTATION to "L" for landscape or "P" for portrait. By default the orientation is based on the Report-IV width. All reports with a width of 132 or greater will be printed in Landscape mode.
  2. Reference: Report-IV #OOFPDF1.PAGE-WIDTH
    At run time the page width can be overridden by setting #OOFPDF1. PAGE-WIDTH, numeric 7.3. If setting the width, also set the height. The default page width is 8.5 for portrait and 11 for landscape.
  3. Reference: Report-IV #OOFPDF1.PAGE-HEIGHT
    At run time the page width can be overridden by setting #OOFPDF1. PAGE-HEIGHT, numeric 7.3. The default page width is 11.7 for portrait and 16.5 for landscape.
  4. Reference: Report-IV #OOFPDF1.FONT-SIZE
    At run time the font size can be overridden by setting #OOFPDF1.FONT-SIZE.
  5. Reference: Report-IV Bar Codes
    Report-IV to PDF will now support UPC barcodes in Report-IV to PDF.

    The barcode feature in Report-IV is font based. The Report-IV definition contains the string characters that are to be converted to a barcode image. By manipulating fonts, the converted PDF file will contain the barcode image of the string characters.

    Prior to executing a CONNECT REPORT or within the I section of a Report-IV definition, enable the barcode flag #OOFPDF1.BARCODE-ENABLED = "Y". If this is not set, the barcode feature will not work.

    In the I section of the Report-IV definition do FORMAT INCLUDE #OOFPDF1,OPT="NONE".

    Immediately before the D line containing the barcode value, create a formula field to set the PDF font face value to "3of9":

    /FIELD(35) = "<FONT FACE="+QUO+"3of9"+QUO+">"

    To increase or decrease the size of the barcode image, use the SIZE= option:

    /FIELD(35) = "<FONT FACE="+QUO+"3of9"+QUO+" SIZE=12>"

    Print the data element containing the barcode string value then restore the normal PDF font. It is critical that you restore the current values for the PDF font and size:

    /FIELD(35) = "<FONT FACE="+QUO+"courier"+QUO+"SIZE="+#OOFPDF1.FONT-SIZE-USED+">"

    The above can be combined into a single formula:

    /FIELD(52) = "<FONT FACE="+QUO+"3of9"+QUO+">"+CUST-CODE+"<FONT FACE="+QUO+"courier"+QUO+ " SIZE="+#OOFPDF1.FONT-SIZE-USED+">"

    The barcode image will occupy more than 1 line in the PDF, Report-IV can only count the 1 line used for the barcode string value. Print the appropriate number of blank D lines to accommodate the barcode image height. Use /LC to adjust the line count accordingly.

    Thoroughbred does not supply the barcode font but does recommend the 3of9 barcode font.
  6. Reference: 3GL PDF Wrapper
    An option has been added to the 3GL PDF wrapper. Optionally the system commands for the conversion can be done using OPT=SHELL to hide all system prompts and messages from the user.

    On the CALL, PDFX$[0]:
    (1,1) " " (blank) - System command for conversion is done using SYSTEM STMT$
    "S" Shell. System command will be done using OPT="SHELL". This is linux only.
    (2,3) WAIT value. Time to wait after system command is issued.
    (5,3) Shell channel. Optional channel number to use when (1,1)="S"

    If channel supplied the shell will not be closed. This is useful when calling program wants to READ shell for system error messages or prompts. If not supplied, shell channel will be closed. This is useful when want to hide all system prompts/messages from user. Note: this will also hide the prompt "file exists overwrite?".


  1. Reference: 4GLE PDFC 0051
    On Windows only, a problem with a background image path containing spaces has been corrected.
  2. Reference: 4GLE PDFC 0052
    On Windows 7 and Server 2008 only, a problem where the PDF file was not always moved to the correct folder has been corrected.
  3. Reference: 4GLE PDFC 0048
    A problem where report footers do not always align properly with a background image has been addressed. The position of the footers can be adjusted by setting #OOFPDF1. PDFFTR, numeric 3.0. Prior to executing the report, set #OOFPDF1.PDFFTR to the number of lines +or- to adjust the starting row of the first footer line. Typically a negative value is required.
  4. Reference: PDF Global
    The logic to determine if Report-IV to PDF is installed has been revised. This should eliminate some intermittent problems where #OOFPDF1 was not properly set and intermittent errors with including #OOFPDF1.