Gateway for WindowsGateway for Windows

Gateway for Windows allows any Thoroughbred Environment user to communicate with any PC-based application running under Microsoft Windows.

By using Gateway for Windows, developers can build applications that take advantage of PC-based software, including spreadsheets, word processors, document imaging, and video presentation. Use it to modernize your software and let your data work for you.

The Gateway Advantage

Gateway for Windows adds a new dimension of features and capabilities for the Thoroughbred developer and user. By taking advantage of Thoroughbred's multi-user environments and also having access to PC-based software applications, a complete, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution can be delivered that not only looks good, but is functional as well.

Thoroughbred's three-tier development and run-time environments can now be linked to modern Windows-based, Client-Server technologies allowing processor-intensive applications to be off-loaded to PC-based workstations.

Display Charts and Graphs

Gateway for Windows lets you use Microsoft Windows-based software to display charts and graphs from your data. Your application can be designed to send the data to the Gateway for Windows interface, automatically start the Windows application, and have it respond to your program's control.

Print and Display Graphics

Impressive results are now available from PC-based graphic software at attractive prices. With Gateway for Windows you now have access to this software. Your Thoroughbred program simply downloads the data you want to display or print. You can then print or display grids, half tones, scanned images and other graphics without overloading the host system.

Principles of Operation

Gateway for Windows uses a standard method or public program, GWWCOM, to provide all communications with the PC workstation. Thoroughbred Script-IV™ methods or Thoroughbred Basic™ programs are written containing calls to GWWCOM. At the workstation, Gateway for Windows APIs accept the communications and route the information to the appropriate Windows application, turning it on and specifying how it is to process the data.

Gateway for Windows can communicate with all Windows-based applications. For applications supporting DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) communication is two-way. For applications with no DDE support, communication is one-way from the host server to the workstation. Thoroughbred designed the appropriate Windows software into Gateway for Windows so that integration with your application is seamless and trouble-free.

Solution-IV™ Integration

Thoroughbred Solution-IV® Financial and Distribution software is integrated with Gateway for Windows. A Microsoft Office Library is available to fully enhance Solution-IV with all Gateway for Windows capabilities.

For example, the Solution-IV Executive Summary is set up to display monthly and daily sales totals graphically in a spreadsheet. Invoice lookups can include images of the actual documents associated with the invoice. Payroll records can include pictures of the employee and important employee information such as tax forms and other important documents. Inventory records can include images of the inventory items.