Thoroughbred® BasicThoroughbred® Basic

Business Basic software has evolved enormously over the years, but it still retains its key features of Rapid Application Development and a wide base of experienced programmers familiar with the language constructs. Contrary to some expectations, Business basic software is no longer an unstructured language with limited ability for advanced programming techniques.

At Thoroughbred, we are committed to continuing support and enhancement of our business basic software development environment. There are literally thousands of business applications that have been created over the years in the BASIC language and these applications continue to provide excellent service to their users.

These Windows environments, coupled with Thoroughbred's VIP™ family of products, enable you to develop true multi-user applications in business Basic software that have the look-and-feel of Windows application software packages, and can be fully integrated with them.

4GL Access

The Thoroughbred Basic Environment includes a library of functions that provide access to the facilities of Dictionary-IV. Many application software developers who have successful Business basic software applications are switching to Thoroughbred's Basic language. They see the combination of a solid and well-supported BASIC, coupled with a complete 4GL environment, provides the best of both worlds.

Custom Services

In response, to help developers convert to Thoroughbred, we have developed custom porting software and consulting services.

Full 4GL Access

We can supply translation tools or we can perform the translation service for you. Once your application has been ported to Thoroughbred Basic, data element formats and file structures can be input to Dictionary-IV™. This enables you to take advantage of the power of Report-IV™ and Query-IV™ for your users, and to continue development of your applications in either Thoroughbred Basic, or Thoroughbred's Script-IV™ fourth generation language.

GUI or Character Based

You can choose to use character terminals, GUI workstations, or both. And, best of all, you retain your valuable investment in legacy BASIC applications.