Query-IV is a part of a family of tools for retrieving your data.

Query-IV gives the user the ability to retrieve their data through an easy to use "point and click" selection procedure, or through common SQL-like commands.

Retrieve Information Instantly

Collecting, maintaining and retrieving information is vital to running a business, but obtaining specific information when it is needed has never been easy... until now. Query-IV makes this easy, responding to every users needs by guiding the user through step-by-step menus, focusing only on the essential facts, with now programming, coding or commands. Select, Group and Sort functions easily control the format and content of the query, giving you the information you need, exactly the way you want to see it.

Industry Standard SQL

Query-IV is based on the industry standard SQL language accepting user selections to generate SQL statements to run the query. While for the sake of simplicity, the "point and click" user interface provides a deliberately limited choice of functions. Expert users, however, are able to enhance the query by modifying the generated SQL code.

Stored for Later Retrieval

Queries can be stored and retrieved later. They can also be automatically transferred to a Report-IV™ report format. This feature enables the user to prototype quickly within the Query-IV facility and then, when satisfied, utilize the additional programming flexibility of the Report-IV environment.


Query-IV and Report-IV run in conjunction with Dictionary-IV, which defines the type and location of data items. Query-IV and Report-IV combine data from multiple files, file structures, file systems and operating systems. Applications distributed across multiple, networked machines can be accessed.

Query-IV and Report-IV output may be directed to Thoroughbred Gateway for Windows™: for further processing by any workstation-based application.

The image below presents the Query-IV Setup, Resulting SQL Syntax and Resulting Report/Query.

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