Thoroughbred® Environment for Pocket PCThoroughbred® Environment for Pocket PC

Thoroughbred Environment for Windows Pocket PC

Thoroughbred supports the use of Thoroughbred Environment (Basic and OPENworkshop® for PDAs running Windows Pocket PC Operating System. Now with Version 8.5.2 connect wirelessly to your network (see below).

Support Dell PDA

Windows Pocket PC

We have certified our Thoroughbred Environment v8.5 for Windows Pocket PC on the Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada, and Dell Axim X5 devices. Thoroughbred's mouse-aware capability supports the pen stylus for touch screens, which can be incorporated into any Thoroughbred based application.

Though the typical PDA is not 80x24, Thoroughbred provides a panning option to see hidden portions of the screen. Data gathering applications where portability is important are a key target for these devices. Applications are written on a host machine and transferred to the PDA. Data can then be uploaded from the PDA to the host system as required or now take advantage of TS Network DataServer.

With Version 8.5.2 Network DataServer Connectivity

You can run the Thoroughbred Environment locally on your handheld and connect wirelessly to a network. Another feature is OPT=SOCKET support, which allows the Pocket PC to communicate to a SOCKET program on the network.

Several Thoroughbred Partners are already finalizing applications, including using bar code scanning capabilities. If you would like to find out more call your Thoroughbred account representative.

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