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T-RemoteControlFree with every system!

There’s always one at every company. The user who forgets to logoff when they leave, holding up the end-of-day processing. Or, a user has a problem, but can’t describe it accurately.

Unfortunately, you are the one trying to figure out how to log the user off or guess what the problem is. Try T-RemoteControl. End-users and Resellers alike can benefit from

T-RemoteControl is included at no cost with your Thoroughbred 8.7.1 Environment. It installs on your Linux or UNIX server and gives you instant access and remote control of any Thoroughbred Basic session, even on the console. Install just once, have access to everything.

T-RemoteControl enables access to Thoroughbred Basic sessions, to see exactly what the user sees, and to control their keyboard. T-RemoteControl can be used for diagnostics, support, demos and training purposes. And it has many of the features of existing tools for remote administration and support of Thoroughbred-based servers with the added advantage that background tasks are viewable and TCONFIGW is supported.

For more information on 8.7.1 and T-RemoteControl click here or call your Thoroughbred Representative.

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