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8.5.2 Release Notes


General [up]

  1. The ESC key is now locked out to give programs an opportunity to do a SETESC. Any Directive other than REM and SETESC clears the lockout.
  2. Implemented binary searching when the 3GL Trigger list is 10 or more files.
  3. Added OPT="DISK>" and OPT="DISK<" to OPEN options.
  4. Added OPT="SOCKET" to OPEN options to implement TCP/IP client communications.
  5. Added a message for syntax problems in SERVER.MAP.

Windows and NT [up]

  1. Implemented XCALL.
  2. CTL/C and CTL/V can be used to Copy and Paste clipboard data.

UNIX Basic [up]

  1. Implemented Journal only.
  2. Serial Number verification has been improved during install.

TS ORACLE DataServer [up]

  1. TS Oracle DataServer works for Oracle 9.

TS Network DataServer [up]

  1. Implemented Secure communications capability.
  2. Server PARENT and SECURE status added to DUMP IPLDEVS.
  3. Journaling feature is now standard.
  4. The server now processes the global IPLPRM file.


General [up]

  1. Fixed a crash when using ENTERless public programs.
  2. Fixed a crash when WINDOW RESIZE is followed by SETTERM.
  3. Fixed a problem that prevented ENCRYPT when working with programs larger than 64k.
  4. Ignore 3GL Trigger on files opened with OPT=”TEXT” or ISZ=.
  5. Don’t allow ESC to interrupt a multi-part LET or DIM.
  6. Ignore 3GL Trigger on files opened with OPT="TEXT" or ISZ=.
  7. Entering END when stopped in Console Mode in a 3GL Trigger now exits from the trigger.
  8. A 3GL trigger is no longer called before a WRITE that will be prevented by DOM=.
  9. Unexpected errors would occur if the I/O Directive that caused a 3GL trigger was followed by a semi-colon.
  10. DUMP HELP display is reorganized by types of keywords.
  11. Fixed a problem that prevented ghost tasks from starting if Journaling was configured.
  12. Fixed a crash caused by DIMing a non-existent string array to zero entries.
  13. Fixed T-ISAM driver to honor PRM READONLY with IND= access.
  14. Fixed a crash when DUMP IPLDEVS "STATS=YES" is used and no server connections are configured.
  15. Fixed a problem with RETRY and DUMP RETRY with multi-directive statements.
  16. Error 20 is issued if =ALL is used with other than string arguments.
  17. Fixed a crash when more than 100 Formats are included while a file is open with OPT="DLINK".

Windows and NT [up]

  1. Fixed a double euro problem.
  2. Fixed size of child window's client area when child window is not maximized.
  3. Fixed a focus problem when printing to the screen.
  4. Fixed a conflict when OPT="DDE" is specified and a DataServer is configured.
  5. Fixed a memory leak if OPEN OPT="DDE" fails.
  6. ODBC and DATA servers now check for Large File compatibility with Basic.
  7. Fixed a problem that allowed some Basic activations to be bypassed indefinitely.

Telnet Basic [up]

  1. Added error check to command line arguments.

UNIX [up]

  1. Fixed a false Error 17 using OPT=”APPEND” on HP-UX.

TS Network DataServer [up]

  1. Fixed crash with OPT="DLINK" when there is no field separator table (T-ISAM files).
  2. Fixed an OPT="DLINK" problem when client and server are different CPU chip types.

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