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8.5.2 Release Notes


Source-IV [up]

  1. Reference: Source-IV Encryption
    4GLE SRC4 0110

    Source-IV has been enhanced to support full library encryption. When a Source library password is set to NOL all source modules in that library will be encrypted. To unencrypt all source clear the library password or set it to LON.

Formats [up]

  1. Reference: Format Maintenance
    4GLE FMT 0153

    The error reporting of duplicate data descriptions has been improved. The error window will display the duplicated data description and the corresponding data element names.

Links [up]

  1. Reference: Link Maintenance
    4GLE MISC 1834

    The option to display file parameters has been modified to support a file name with a file suffix.


General [up]

  1. Reference: Dictionary Update
    4GLE MISC 1830

    Several changes have been made to the Dictionary Update. As always, it is critical that the Dictionary Update be run as part of the post install process.
  2. Reference: IDOL-IV/OPENworkshop initialization
    4GLE MISC 1831

    Under certain circumstances IDOL-IV and OPENworkshop initialization could get stuck in a loop attempting to report that the Dictionary is not open.
  3. Reference: Link/View Object Libraries
    4GLE MISC 1833

    Conflicts with the Dictionary-IV channel numbers have been corrected when using Link and View Object Libraries.
  4. Reference: Text Fields
    4GLE 8TXR 0001

    An Error 104 in 8TEXTR reading text fields has been corrected.
  5. Reference: Dictionary-IV BASIC Triggers
    4GLE MISC 1829

    A problem where the Dictionary was assumed to be opened on channel 100 for BASIC triggers has been corrected. The error message to report this problem also expected the Dictionary to be opened on channel 100. This sequence resulted in an error loop.
  6. Reference: Dates
    4GLE DATE 0096

    A problem where the Y2KBASE was not being set, based on PRM BASE-YEAR, has been corrected.
  7. Reference: Mouse Aware
    4GLE MOUS 0002

    A problem with both CONNECT SCREEN and INPUT SCREEN where mouse clicks in the border of the window were not being processed correctly has been fixed.
  8. Reference: Mouse Aware
    4GLE MOUS 0003

    A problem has been corrected where clicking on a field, when a screen contained occurrences, did not move to the correct field.
  9. Reference: Mouse Aware
    4GLE MOUS 0004

    A problem where clicking on a formula field was allowed has been corrected.
  10. Reference: Mouse Aware
    4GLE MOUS 0008

    A problem, where a mouse click to exit (F4) from a Valid Value List window would cause an error, has been corrected.

Formats [up]

  1. Reference: Format Maintenance
    4GLE FMT 0152

    An ERR=47 in OODMT when changing a Format description has been corrected.
  2. Reference: Format Maintenance
    4GLE FMT 0155

    Problems editing a Format definition from within a View have been corrected.
  3. Reference: Format Copy/Move
    4GLE FMT 0154

    A problem where all occurrences were not included in a Format Copy/Move has been corrected.
  4. Reference: Format Maintenance
    4GLE FMT 0151

    An ERR=161, when using F11 to do format maintenance on a data element, has been corrected.

Screens  [up]

  1. Reference: Screen Maintenance
    4GLE SCRN 0165

    An ERR=12 calling OOCAA3B has been corrected.

Views  [up]

  1. Reference: View Return Commands
    4GLE CVIE 0308

    An Err=47 in OO3A when processing the "UP" return command has been corrected.
  2. Reference: Numeric Masks
    4GLE OVIW 0025

    A problem where numeric masks were not always saved has been corrected. When a numeric field is added from another link, changes to the mask were not saved with the view definition. This only effected numeric fields from other links, numeric fields local to the file were not a problem.
  3. Reference: Link I/O Triggers
    4GLE VIEW 0069

    An ERR=12 calling LIO$ has been corrected. In some unusual cases the Link I/O trigger was being dropped from memory.
  4. Reference: New Columns
    4GLE VIEW 0070

    A problem where it was possible to add multiple new but not used columns has been corrected. If a new and blank column already exists a second one will not be added.
  5. Reference: View Link Global Variables
    4GLE CVIE 0312

    A problem where View processing would report an ERR=32 has been corrected. This happened when attempting to create a new global variable that would cause an overflow of the global variable buffer.
  6. Reference View Cursor
    4GLE VIEW 0072

    A problem where setting the View Cursor Action to "E" (Exit) did not correctly emulate Read Only mode has been corrected. Line Insert and Line Delete were not honoring the Read Only mode rule.
  7. Reference: View Refresh
    4GLE CVIE 0314

    A problem where the View contents were not being refreshed while attempting to add a new record, and that new record was a duplicate, has been corrected. The row containing the failed add was not being deleted. This was only a problem from a View containing more than one row of data and only when the View/Link invoked an I/O Trigger. It was not a problem with the Script-IV UPDATE directive.

Links  [up]

  1. Reference: Build Sorts
    4GLE LINK 0087

    An ERR=39 when pressing the Esc key during the sort building process has been corrected.

Report-IV  [up]

  1. Reference: CONNECT REPORT
    4GLE RPT4 0388

    A problem where doing a CONNECT REPORT from a Script would fail to print has been corrected. This was only a problem if prior to executing the CONNECT REPORT some INPUT was done which had set CTL=4.
  2. Reference: Report Compiler
    4GLE RPT4 0391

    A problem compiling Reports with Link Sorts data_name(D,C) has been corrected.
  3. Reference: Precision
    4GLE RPT4 0392

    A problem with precision has been corrected. In some cases after processing a formula the precision was not always restored to the correct value.
  4. Reference: Report-IV Maintenance
    4GLE RPT4 0390

    A problem, where changing the description of a report could cause an ERR=47, has been corrected.

Script-IV  [up]

  1. Reference: CHANGE
    4GLE SRPT 0329

    A problem where CHANGE index-file always changes rec 0 has been corrected.
  2. Reference: Link
    4GLE SRPT 0331

    An ERR=47 when accessing a Link that has not been opened or using an invalid TEXT-ID has been corrected
  3. Reference: TEXT-ID
    4GLE SRPT 0330

    A problem where TEXT-ID no longer supported variables has been corrected. For example:
       LET A$ = "M"
        IF CUST-TYPE="f" THEN
            LET A$ = "F"
    CHANGE my_link
        TEXT A$
  4. Reference: PRINT MESSAGE
    4GLE MISC 1836

    An ERR=94 when doing INPUT SCREEN and PRINT MESSAGE has been corrected. This was only a problem when a Script did a PRINT MESSAGE followed by then an INPUT SCREEN that resulted in a Post-Process CONNECT METHOD that did doing the identical PRINT MESSAGE number. This was a problem even if the message dictionary names were not identical. For example Script "TEST1" with a PRINT MESSAGE "P,10" USING "MSG1" and CONNECT METHOD "TEST2" with a PRINT MESSAGE "P,10" USING "MSG2" would result in an ERR=94.

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