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4.11 Release Notes

The 4.11 maintenance release is a cumulative release. Besides software changes it contains the 4.10 updates that were only available from our Web site.

With this release you will find the quality and stability we strive to put into all Thoroughbred products.


Installation [up]

The following contains notes specific to the 4.11 VIP4 Product Suite installation process. For detailed installation instructions please refer to the VIP4_Product_Suite_Installation_Guide_v411.pdf file located on the 4.11 CD.

Due to a limitation in the InstallShield product, VIP 4.11 will not update the system path variable properly when a long path name is required. It is highly recommended that VIP 4.11 be installed into a folder with a short folder name. For example: C:\TSI or D:\TSI, and not C:\Program Files\TSI. If you require a long path name the system path variable must be edited manually.

Upgrade Considerations:
The 4.11 release is installed with a new GUID (Windows operating system Globally Unique Identifier). This has been done to avoid the problem where Windows would require previous installations to first be uninstalled.

The 4.11 client can safely be installed on top of an existing 4.10 or 4.03. Simply install 4.11 into the same folder; for example C:\TSI. All previous customization will be preserved. For example, custom script files located in TSI\SCRIPTS will not be removed, modifications and additions to Tbred.ini will not be lost.

After the 4.11 client has been installed there will be two entries for VIP in the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs list.
  • The VIP product entry (GUID) represents the original installation (4.03 or 4.10).
  • The second entry (GUID) represents the 4.11 installation.
Do not attempt to uninstall the original VIP (4.03 or 4.10). To completely uninstall VIP or TbredComm first uninstall the 4.11 and then uninstall the original (4.03 or 4.10). In some rare cases, depending upon the state of the system registry the operating system may not be able to correctly identify the 4.11 as a new product. In this case there is no option but to first uninstall the existing VIP or TbredComm product. The following are some general guidelines for preserving your existing customization:
  1. Make a safe copy of Tbred.ini. This file is located in the windows system folder.
  2. Make safe copies of zip files of the following folders:
    • TSI\Toolbar
    • TSI\Image
  3. In TSI\ObjectCache copy or zip only the following files:
    • Help: files ending in .pos
    • Menu: files ending in .pos
    • Screens: files ending in .pos
    • Screensg: application screen definitions; files ending in .frm.
    • Screenst: application screen template definitions: files ending in .frm
    • View: files ending in .pos
    • Viewsp: default.tpl and application view definitions; files ending in .tpl
  4. Install 4.11 into the same folder as the existing VIP; do not install the 4.11 into a different folder. For example C:\TSI
  5. Replace the Tbred.ini file installed by the 4.11 with the saved copy created in step 1.
  6. Copy or exact the files and folders created in step 2 into the appropriate folders create by the 4.11 install.

Software Changes

VIP General [up]

  1. Reference: Misc

    A significant number of changes have been made to make this version of the VIP product more stable. Under certain circumstances with very complex host side applications there were intermittent problems with VIP either hanging or crashing. These problems have been corrected.
  2. Reference: Misc
    V410 CLNT 0029

    In cases where VIP temporarily switches to character mode, it was possible to close the character (BASIC) window causing VIP to hang. This has been corrected.
  3. Reference: Report Printing to Terminal
    VIP4 MISC 0192

    The need to toggle between character mode and GUI mode when displaying report output to the screen has been eliminated. Previously when responding "N" to the prompt 'Do you want a printed copy (Y/N)?", VIP would switch to character mode and display the output to the screen. This has been changed, by default when TS ReportServer is installed the VIP GUI will remain active and output will be redirected to TS ReportServer. To override this new default modify the Dictionary-IV RS printer assignment. Enter 'TERMINAL' in the RS 'Location' field.
  4. Reference: Text Editor
    V410 HOST 0037

    A problem where under certain circumstances the last 3 characters in a row of text were truncated has been corrected.
  5. Reference: Start Menus
    VIP4 MENU 0040

    A problem where menus containing an asterisk (*) would result in an error when generating Start Menus has been corrected. The VIP client would report: IPERSIST:: SAVE FAILED. ERRCODE: 16389 FACILITY:0 SEV:1
  6. Reference: Windows Printer Selection Dialog
    VIP4 MISC 0188

    A problem has been corrected where there was no access to the Windows printer selection dialog when VIP was enabled. To access the printer dialog from the main VIP menu bar select 'System' then select 'Print Setup'. Changing the default printer is done through Windows using the system Printers (and Faxes) Manager.
  7. Reference: Multiple Spoken Translations

    A problem where not all text displayed by the suite of VIP client modules was maintained on the host in the message pool file has been corrected. This correction requires new entries in OOWSMSGS. The new OOWSMSGS is distributed as part of this update.
  8. Reference: Windows Basic VIP Start Up
    VIP4 MISC 0182

    A problem with Windows Basic when VIP is enabled where the Basic character window is not hidden has been corrected.
  9. Reference: Windows Basic VIP Start Up
    VIP4 MISC 0183

    A problem with Windows Basic when VIP is enabled where the VIP window did not receive the focus has been corrected.

VIP Help [up]

  1. Reference: Help Text Editor
    VIP4 MENU 0044

    See VIP Menus, item 1.

VIP Menus [up]

  1. Reference: Menu Maintenance
    VIP4 MENU 0044

    A problem where performing Dictionary-IV Menu maintenance with VIP on would cause VIP to hang or changes to not be saved has been corrected. This was only a problem with menu fields where VIP used the text field editor window to maintain the menu attributes

VIP Screens [up]

  1. Reference: Host Screen Maintenance
    V410 HOST 0035
    V410 HOST 0036

    Several problems maintaining GUI screen definitions when the corresponding character screen and format definition contained occurrence fields have been corrected. In some cases the problems were the result of format maintenance and in some cases the problems were the result of character screen maintenance.
  2. Reference: Host Screen Maintenance
    VIP4 HSCN 0001

    A problem where the Link name in the GUI screen definition was not being updated when changed in the corresponding character screen has been corrected.
  3. Reference: Host Screen Maintenance
    VIP4 SCRH 0005

    A problem where GUI time stamps were not being managed correctly has been corrected. In some cases the time stamp of a GUI screen was being updated when no maintenance had been performed on that definition.
  4. Reference: Host Screen Maintenance
    VIP4 SCRN 0143

    A problem updating GUI screen definitions when inserting valid value type fields in the corresponding format definition has been corrected.
  5. Reference: Host Screen Maintenance
    VIP4 SCRN 0149

    A problem where the width of a control for a Valid Value type field was not wide enough has been corrected. This was only obvious on single character fields and only a problem when adding a Valid Value type field to a GUI screen by modifying the corresponding character screen definition.
  6. Reference: Host Screen Maintenance
    VIP4 SCRN 0150

    A problem where changing a field from a Valid Value type to some other field type in format maintenance did update the GUI control type has been corrected.
  7. Reference: Screen Entry (CONNECT/INPUT SCREEN)
    VIP4 SCRN 0134
    VIP4 SCRN 0147

    Two related problems effecting both CONNECT SCREEN and INPUT SCREEN have been corrected. In some cases 'phantom' key strokes would interfere with normal processing. In some cases the internal VIP messages would appear as data in an input field. Both problems have been corrected. This same fix may also fix other rare and hard to duplicate anomalies during screen processing.
  8. VIP4 SCRN 0152
    A problem where pressing F1 to edit a VIP GUI screen at runtime would cause VIP to hang has been addressed. It is not possible to invoke the GUI screen editor at runtime. When VIP is enabled F1 to edit a screen will be ignored.
  9. VIP4 SCRN 0153
    A problem with 8OPENS and 8PRINT where a VIP GUI screen was not deleted has been corrected. This would only happen when 8PRINT was called with FUNC$(2,1)="C" OR FUNC$(2,1)="A".
  10. VIP4 SCRN 0155
    A problem where text was being incorrectly interpreted as special screen codes has been corrected. For example the text G/L was incorrectly interpreted as /L the current language and would display GEN.
  11. VIP4 SCRH 0004
    A problem where imported GUI screens were not displayed correctly on some international versions of Windows has been corrected.
  12. VIP4 SCRN 0157
    A problem where under some circumstances an ERR=33 was reported processing runtime screens has been corrected.
  13. VIP4 SCRN 0158
    A problem where Windows reported a C++ Run Time Library Error has been corrected. This was only a problem with Line Offset screens that also contained Security fields.
  14. VIP4 SCRH 0007
    A problem where the input mask (IM=) for a Date Type 5 occurrence field was not always being updated correctly in the corresponding GUI screen, has been corrected. If in the format a Date Type 5 field is changed to an occurrence field of Date Type 5, the corresponding GUI screen definition was setting the input size to 4 instead of the length defined by the input mask.

VIP Views [up]

  1. Reference: Headings
    V410 CLNT 0008

    A problem where view headings changed through a script are lost and the View reverts to the defaults has been corrected.
  2. Reference: Full Row Cursor
    VIP4 VIEW 0114

    A problem, where the full row cursor was not being restored after editing the first column of data, has been corrected.
  3. Reference: Full Row Cursor
    VIP4 VIEW 0115

    A problem, where prompt messages where not being displayed with the Full Row Cursor, has been corrected.

TbredComm [up]

  1. Reference: Keep Alive
    VIP4 WSM 0096

    See WorkStation Manager.

TS ReportServer [up]

  1. Reference: Report Printing to Terminal
    VIP4 MISC 0192

    See VIP General.
  2. Reference: RS Default Printer
    VIP4 RPSV 0012

    A problem where RS would be lost as the default output device has been corrected.

WorkStation Manager [up]

  1. Reference: Presentation Mode
    VIP4 WSM 0095

    A problem where the option to toggle the presentation mode on the WorkStation Manager tab was not working has been corrected.
  2. Reference: Keep Alive
    VIP4 WSM 0096

    An option to set the TbredComm 'keep alive' seconds and character has been added to the TbredComm tab in the WorkStation Manager. Previously this could only be managed by manually editing the Tbred.ini file.

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