IDOL-IV separates application logic from application data. The process executes 4GL Script-IV™ code and makes reference to Dictionary-IV™ for all data items including table or file definitions, screen designs, and user messages. These definitions are external to the application logic.

Increased Productivity

IDOL-IV changes the balance of effort in developing a software application compared to conventional 3GL environments. Rather than an emphasis on coding and debugging, IDOL-IV enables the developer to concentrate on application design and usability. Once designed, the production of technical system documentation is virtually automatic.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

IDOL-IV separates the definition from the logic. While this separation provides a useful discipline during development, the real benefits become apparent once the application passes into a maintenance phase. Changes have to be made in only one place. Re-testing and quality assurance is simplified.

Portable Applications

In IDOL-IV, it is easy to port an application from one hardware or operating system environment to another. We have ported our software to over 100 different combinations of hardware and operating system platforms, so you don't have to. All application software is completely isolated from these considerations.

And further, because in IDOL-IV the entire user interface is isolated, it is easy to port the entire application from one spoken language to another. Portability takes on an entirely different meaning with Thoroughbred.

Rapid Application Development

Prototyping is easy. Sample applications can be generated quickly and tested by real users. Changing prototypes to accommodate feedback is simple.

And, the fact that your product is implemented in a 4GL means that you can guarantee your customer you have a modern product that will be competitive for years to come.

Key components of IDOL-IV are: