API Services

Basic 8.41

VIP 4.01


Thoroughbred Basic 8.41 Release Notes


Software Additions

1. Additional Printer Mnemonics have been added to the Windows STANDRD printer table. These mnemonics include RESET/OPEN/CLOSE, Top/Left Margin, Lines per page, and Portrait/Landscape.

2. The number of Window Basic sessions is now controlled by the value of SSN. The default is 3 sessions.

3. The Window Basic can now be terminated by single click on the X box and double click in the upper left.

4. INF(3,2) returns the MS Windows 95/NT Network login if available. If the user is unknown, a zero length string is returned.

5. Assigning escape sequences in TCONFIGW can control the sound of 'RB'. The associated .WAV as selected with the Control Panel is played asynchronously. No sound will play if there is no .WAV file assigned via the Control Panel. The computer speaker will beep if no sound card is installed.

    $1B3705 - default sound

    $1B3706 - asterisk

    $1B3707 - exclamation

    $1B3708 - critical stop

    $1B3709 - question

6. The automatic assignment order for Terminal Task Ids has been returned to: T0-T9, TA-TZ, Ta-Tz, U0-U9, UA-UZ, Ua-Uz, etc.

7. The Window Basic supports displaying and printing of double byte characters. The screen and print drivers check to see if a character is a lead-in byte for a double byte character. This is accomplished by calling a Windows API. The API only returns a True value for double byte lead-in when using a Far East version of MS Windows. The standard (or American) version always returns False.

8. All Basic dataname functions now support the new Dictionary-IV date type 8. This date type stores the Basic SQL date as a decimal number. It is being used in many Business applications as a Year 2000 solution.

9. The Window Basic can access other ODBC databases. Client access to ODBC requires configuration prior to initiating Basic. All ODBC Datasources are identified in SERVER.MAP. Adding a DEV in the IPLINPUT file identifies which Datasources are available to Basic. Accessing and creating ODBC database tables require a Dictionary Format and Link Definition.

Basic directives OPEN, ERASE, RENAME, and INITFILE should include the optional OPT="LINK" argument for Dictionary-IV access.

When an ODBC datasource is specified in IPLINPUT, the Window Basic Menu bar will have an ODBC option under File. These options may be used for debugging and problem identification. The new ODBC Menu options are:

Show ODBC Errors – Toggles On/Off Error dialog box displaying errors returned from the ODBC driver manager

Log ODBC Errors – Toggles On/Off Error logging. When Error Logging is active, the log file odbcerr.log will include the Basic program, line number and ODBC error and description returned from the ODBC driver.

Debug SQL – Toggles On/Off the display of a dialog box displayed with the SQL statement sent to the ODBC driver.


Software Changes

1. Opening files from a read-only device (i.e. CD-ROM) no longer returns an error.

2. PRM QUIT=n is no longer a hard-coded value in the MS Windows environment.

3. UNT( ) now removes trailing spaces and nulls from the file name, similar to the way OPEN works.

4. A problem has been corrected where Basic would core dump trying to open a Link (OPT="LINK") for the second time that does not have a format.

5. A problem has been corrected where accessing a data file that begins with an asterisk on a UNIX dataserver and resides in a subdirectory would always return an Error=12.

6. An incorrect lock pattern for Autoexpanding files using MS Windows or Altos UNIX has been corrected. While the error does not cause problems for a single version, the correction causes autoexpanding files created with Basic 8.4.1 incompatible with earlier versions.

7. A problem has been corrected where adding Format datanames or user-defined functions to a program with just basic variables would core dump.

8. A problem has been corrected where TIM in a Ghost task is off by an hour.

9. A problem has been corrected where SETESC to a Label would put the user in console mode when pressing the Escape key.

10. A problem has been corrected where Labels beyond the first 64k of a program were corrupted by SAVE.

11. A problem has been corrected where INT, Precision 0 and division were not applying PRM NOROUND.

12. A problem has been corrected where step tracing through a program would not display an executed DOM line.

13. A problem has been corrected where step tracing through a program would display the wrong line after processing an ESCAPE.

14. A problem has been corrected with READing autoexpanding sort files and #formats.

15. TCB(3) now returns the O/S error for Window Basic printer type 1.

16. A problem has been corrected with OPEN( OPT="LINK") where the Link definition had a password.

17. NTD and DTN now support time-only SQL dates.

18. FINPUT now recognizes Ctrl-B and will execute the debugger specified with PRM DEBUG=.

19. A problem has been corrected with ESCAPE WHEN following a CALL.

20. A problem has been corrected with Step tracing (dot and semi-colon) after a console mode GOTO.

21. The Window Basic now supports the 'CE' mnemonic.