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Basic 8.41

VIP 4.01


Script-IV 8.41 Release Notes

Software Changes

1. A problem has been fixed in INPUT SCREEN when using up-arrow and encountering a system generated (3,0) field, the cursor would remain on the same field..

2. A compile error has been fixed when specifying a TEXT-FILE IS clause on an OPEN LINK directive and the link is defined as a TISAM file.

3. A problem has been corrected where pressing <Return> on a Yes/No defined field in INPUT SCREEN and there is not a default value specified, the message "Y/N are the only valid inputs" is not specified.

4. An Error 98 has been fixed when a LA (Link Alias) is not defined as a valid link.

5. A problem has been corrected where the option RETRY=IGNORE was not working on a file that contained a 1-byte key field.

6. A hang problem has been fixed in INPUT SCREEN where pressing up-arrow on the first field in the screen and that field is defined as 3,0 (System Generated).

7. A problem has been corrected where CONNECTing to a non-existant REPORT in a script would just run the program "ID" rather than displaying an error message and allowing the script to continue.

8. A problem has been fixed where the directive PRINT SCREEN DATA was not refreshing formula data properly.

9. An Error 46 has been corrected when using a PRINT VIEW directive on an MSORT file with an active sort and one of the sort data names is part of the key.

10. An erroneous compile error "Invalid Screen" has been corrected when compiling scripts and screen definitions are referenced where the corresponding format has over 200 data elements.