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Basic 8.4.2

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Thoroughbred Basic™ 8.4.2 Release Notes


Software Additions

1. Function TSK(3) produces a list of active task-ids on a UNIX system. The string contains a 4 byte entry for each task-id. The list includes task-ids assigned to Basic, TS Network DataServersä , and TS ODBC DataServerä.

2. On UNIX systems that support Large Files (larger than 2GB), Basic also supports DIRECT, SORT, INDEXED, and TEXT files up to the limit of the file system.

3. The Windows Basic can now specify the window name, title and icon to be displayed by adding entries in the TSI.INI file. To use this feature, the TSI.INI file needs a [BASIC] section. The window name, title and icon are specified as entries in the [BASIC] section using keywords: window_name, window_title, window_icon. For Example:


window_name=<Insert basic window name here>

window_title=<Insert basic window title here>

window_icon=<Insert icon file name here>

4. Embedded color mnemonics. All terminal mnemonics are checked for embedded color mnemonics sequences at terminal load time and will properly update the basic color map when printed.

5. The ‘Select Printer Font’ dialog has been added to File on the menu bar for the Windows Basic.

6. The maximum number of object libraries that can be OPEN’ed has been increased to 48. The maximum number of object libraries that can be OPEN’ed via the PRM OPENLIB in the IPL file has been increased to 32.

7. Three and four character task-ids are now supported. This feature may require modification of applications that only expect two character task-ids. Longer task-ids may be specified on the command line when starting Basic. An IPL file name specified on the command line must be at least five characters long. This feature requires the use of TERM.MAP. The TCONFIG utilities only support two character task-ids.

8. PRM NOWINCLOSE prevents the user from closing the Basic session by clicking on the X or using any other Close options available in the System Menu Bar. (Windows only)

Software Changes

1. DIM now allows the maximum number of array elements in the 1st dimension ( i.e. S$[0:64999] ).

2. Fixed a problem where terminal emulators were not printing the same color when using the K-mnemonics as the color mnemonics.

3. The Basic client now recognizes the dataserver O/S which resolves problems between clients and servers on different Operating Systems (i.e. UNIX, Windows). For example:

· Backslash problem from a Windows client to a UNIX server

· Trailing period problem to a non-UNIX server

4. Performance has been improved between Basic clients and the TS Network DataServerä In the following:


· OPEN (ch, OPT="LINK")

· Loading of printer mnemonic tables during startup and OPEN.

5. A problem has been corrected where PREAD, while positioned at the beginning of the file would set the current key value to some random key in the middle of the file.

6. DTN() now defaults to the first day of the month when not specified.

7. DTN() now returns an ERR=26 when the mask contains both the month and Julian day.

8. A problem with video attribute and terminal emulation has been corrected. Basic now changes the intensity of background when in reverse video and simulating both reverse video and intensity.

9. The maximum number of object libraries can now be OPEN’ed.

10. A problem has been corrected where Basic for Digital UNIX returned an error 41 if the total size of a numeric array exceeded 21845 elements. The correct size should be 65535 elements.

11. The TCONFIG terminal table LINUXCON has been updated to support the Linux console.

12. The install for UNIX no longer requires root privilege if the system already has a serial number for the product being installed.

13. Typing @O at the console mode prompt is equivalent to typing RUN "OO".

14. Environment variables in IPL file that are not defined in the user’s environment will now be deleted beginning with the dollar sign and including following letters and digits.

Software Changes - Windows Only

15. The Window Basic now builds a TZ environment variable from the Windows date/time settings, if TZ is specified in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

16. A problem with the Windows Basic has been corrected where READ RECORD of a terminal with TIM=0 no longer pauses indefinitely.

17. Printing problems after canceling Print Setup have been fixed with the Windows Basic.

18. A problem with the Windows Basic has been corrected where the intensity is being changed from background to foreground after a window is deleted and another is refreshed.

19. Corrected a problem with the Windows Basic where the Escape key was hard-coded and Basic was not recognizing the value found in TCONFIG.

20. Windows Basic – the following additional BAUD RATE settings may be included on DEV lines for serial devices: 110, 14400, 38400, 56000, 57600, 115200, 128000, 256000.

21. Correct a problem with the Windows Basic when there are more than 12 entries specified in the SERVER.MAP file.

22. The Windows Basic no longer starts in a minimized state after a previous session was terminated from a minimized state.

23. The Windows Basic now uses the IBMPCDOS font to display business graphics characters when the selected screen font is not the TBRED font. This also allows the Euro currency character ($80$) to be displayed with fonts that support the Euro character.

Software Changes - VMS Only

24. READ RECORD of a TISAM file by a task with PRM READONLY specified in the IPL file no longer times out when another task or tasks have EXTRACT’ed records from the same TISAM file.

25. The I/O directives now timeout after the number of seconds specified by the TIM= option.

26. A problem has been corrected where READing a SERIAL file with IND=0 returned the third record rather than the first.

27. SAVE now returns an error=0 rather than an error=103 when the program is OPENed by another task.

28. A valid VMS directory name is returned in the full file or directory specification section (bytes 86+) of the string returned by XFD(ch,0).

29. A number of printer problems have been fixed in the VMS Basic. A file/directory name must be specified on a printer DEV line in the IPL file with /FILE[NAME]=. Problems modifying a printer device ( i.e. file and/or directory name ) via DEV= and OPT= have been fixed.

30. Corrected a problem where EXTRACTing a record with IND after EXTRACT with a key caused an error 0.

31. READ RECORD no longer reads past the end-of-file marker of a file OPEN’ed with OPT="TEXT".





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